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Frequently asked questions

Question 1

The most common question we get is about a strange unknown "carnivorous plant" that is reddish,tubular with a star on top that has suddenly appeared in someones garden.

Answer - This is actually a fungus in the genus Aseroe that attracts insects but is not carnivorous.

Question 2

Where can I obtain a particular plant?

Answer - Members can ask at meetings and on the VCPS forum.They also have access to the VCPS seedbank ,otherwise please refer to the suppliers page

Question 3

Where can I see a particular plant in the wild?

Answer - The VCPS does not usually give out location data for plants.

Question 4

Where can I buy peat moss in Melbourne?

Answer - Garden City Plastics sells large bales for approximately $35 (April 2014).

Bunnings sells 5 Litre bales for approximately $6 (April 2014).

Question 5

I am having trouble getting the digital journal or you did not send me a password to the latest one.

Answer - Despite best efforts mistakes do sometimes happen ,we encourage you to send a message and will do our best to sort out the problem.


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