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The VCPS forum is a an email group run by is accessible to members only which helps with privacy issues. The purpose of the forum is to allow VCPS members to communicate amongst themselves, and also gain information regarding the society posted by the committee or other members to ensure that all members are kept up to date with the society. It's also a convenient area to find answers to any questions that you may have concerning CPs.
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VCPS forum email group

How does the forum work?

The forum is free of charge. Following successful registration, you will receive notification that you are now a member. New messages are posted to All messages are 'moderated'. That is, all messages must be approved by the VCPS Internet Co-ordinator (or the current moderator at the time). This ensures that.
(a) only registered members can post messages,
(b) messages are relevant to CPs or the VCPS, and
(c) messages are not unsuitable for a public forum.
Upon posting a message (and its subsequent approval by the moderator), the message is then delivered to the inbox of each member of the forum. Remember, all registered members of the forum will get a copy of your message. If you have something private to say, use normal email or other channels.

How 'safe' is the forum?

Yahoo Groups has strict filters in place to ensure that junk email ('Spam') does not go through, or that your email address is kept confidential from outside sources. Further to this, the moderator would further ensure no ineligible or unsuitable messages are allowed to be posted. After several years of operation there has never been a problem with the VCPS forum.

I don't want to be bogged down with emails!

The VCPS forum is a low volume forum. It only (at this stage) has a handful of members. Traffic is not expected to be heavy. However, when setting up your account, you can specify 'Daily Digest' mode - that is, you will be sent one email daily with all the messages included in it. The default setting is to receive individual message as and when they're sent.

How do I join the forum?

Go to the following URL and follow instructions. Join VCPS forum Please note; the group owner cannot add you to the group,you must do it yourself.However if you have trouble with the process you may email the VCPS for help.It is very important that you identify yourself properly.If your details can't be found on the members list you will not be approved to join the forum.

How do I un-subscribe from the forum?

You can unsubscribe any time by (a) sending an email to the VCPS (b) sending an email to with 'Unsub VCPS' in the message body (leave the subject blank) (c) following the email link at the bottom of each message, or (d) if you have a 'Yahoo' account, unsubscribe through your account details page

Changing your email address

From time to time members will want to change the email address they use for the VCPS email group. If you are changing the email address you use for the yahoo account you need to sign up for a new account and rejoin the group as explained above.Otherwise if you still have a valid yahoo account and just want to change the email address you have for the VCPS group then simply find your profile on yahoo and edit the email address.

This is all a bit confusing. How can I get help?

Most settings can also be adjusted by the forum owner. You can emailthe VCPS, or, just stating what you want.