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All members are welcome to attend meetings. Why not bring family or friends if you want?, and open their eyes to the wonders and mysteries of these amazing plants. Information and growing techniques are freely discussed, and any questions are encouraged.
AGM 2001
Members at the June 2011 Annual General Meeting.
New members are made most welcome! Come along, show off your plants, pick up a few new ones, and share your secrets. All meetings include supper, a cuppa and a plant raffle. Most VCPS meetings are in the hall at the rear of the Pilgrim Uniting Church, on the corner of Bayview Road and Montague Street, Yarraville (Melway map reference 41 K7). For people that use public transport it is a 15 minute walk from West Footscray railway station along Williamstown road.Alternatively it is a 10 minute walk from Yarraville railway station.These meeting are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, commencing at 8.00 pm. From time to time, meetings may occur elsewhere,please check the table below for exact details. Maps and details of the main meeting places are given below the meetings table.To find the directions to a member's house, please emailthe VCPS.

Date Topic Time Location
30 January Annual BBQ 2pm-5pm
23 February Sarracenia, Dionaea & beginners info 8.00pm Yarraville venue
19-20 March VCPS Annual Show 9am-5pm Collectors Corner
27 April Heliamphora Nepenthes & Drosera, 8.00pm Yarraville venue
25 May Growing conditions, Best & Worst plants
& pygmy Drosera
8.00pm Yarraville venue
22 June AGM and plant giveaway - any CP 8.00pm Yarraville venue
27 July Rosetted tuberous Drosera judging & propagation 8.00pm Yarraville venue
24 August Upright tuberous/winter Drosera judging,  
displays & companion planting
8.00pm Yarraville venue
28 September Cephalotus, Catopsis, Brochinnia & swap night 8.00pm Yarraville venue
26 October Byblis, pygmy Drosera, Drosera binata, Drosophyllum,
Genlisea, Pinguicula, Roridula & Utricularia
8.00pm Yarraville venue
TBA Triffid Park Open Day Triffid Park
TBA VCPS Annual Show 9am-5pm Collectors Corner

Meeting Place Details

Yarraville Pilgrim Uniting Church

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Collectors Corner/Gardenworld Details

Phone: (03) 9798 5845

Address : 810 Springvale Rd, Braeside 3195

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Triffid Park

Phone : 0428 587 162

Fax : (61) (03) 5977 7301


Address : 103 Dandenong-Hastings Road, Somerville, Vic, 3912

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