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Subscription Rates (AUD per year)

Digital journal $18

Paper + digital $30

PDF memberships available for all members

Along with the release of the 100th VCPS journal the society is now also going to offer members a choice of receiving a full colour PDF downloadable version from the website via a link emailed to members.

Two types of membership are now available:
• Digital Memberships that receive 2 full colour pdf journals and 2 pdf newsletters a year for $18.
• Paper + Digital Memberships that receive 2 hardcopy journals a year with a colour cover and black and white interior in addition to the full colour journal and newsletter pdfs for $30.

The VCPS recommends a widescreen 27 inch monitor (1920 X 1080) or similar for the best digital journal viewing experience.

Free journal samples can be found here.

Please note ,if you pay through paypal you are charged 1$ AUD extra as paypal take out a fee of approximately this size

Another important note - The VCPS cannot accept hotmail email addresses because in the past we have found these have not worked reliably.Other non Microsoft webmail addresses work perfectly gmail,yahoo etc

Journal Type

All payments to be made in Australian Dollars Cheques and Money Orders are to be made payable to the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society inc (VCPS).

Note: We are able to receive membership renewals to cover multiple years. Please make a note of how many years you wish to pay for in the "Additional Comments" section of the memebership form. If you wish to pay for multiple years of membership by Paypal please contact the VCPS with your email address and the number of years you would like to pay for and we will issue a Paypal invoice.

Please complete the application form, print and send with payment (cheque,money order or direct deposit receipt) to:

Peter Bloem
VCPS Membership Secretary
1 Pollard Place
Sunbury Vic 3429

Overseas Money Orders must be drawn on an Australian bank. Credit card facilities (Visa & MasterCard) are available for non-Australian residing applicants only.

Australian residents can Direct Deposit membership funds into our bank account. Details are:

* Account Name
* Branch Name
* Account Number
Commonwealth Bank, Bulleen Vic
063 583

* CBA International deposits. Swift Code CTBA AU 2S (last character in code is S for Sally)

Please put your name in the description field.You will receive your membership card in the mail.

Member Benefits

Membership enables you to attend monthly meetings, where general discussions take place regarding different types of plants. See the meetingspage for more information. You also receive a 10% discount from any Carnivorous Plants purchased from Collectors Corner, Gardenworld, Springvale Road, Keysborough. In addition, you will have access to the Society's comprehensive book library, Seed Bank, Plants and Potting Supplies. The VCPS Journalis published every 3 months, and posted to all members. You will find free sample journals here. VCPS members have access to the VCPS "Members" Facebook forum.
VCPS card
VCPS membership card.

Collectors Corner - Gardenworld 810 Springvale Road, Keysborough Present this card for a 10% discount on most items, including plants, books, chemicals & pots.

Triffid Park Present this card for a 10% discount on plants at their Annual Open day.

Where the money goes

Since the VCPS is non profit none of the committee membersare paid for the work they do for the VCPS.Most of the membership fees go toward the printing and posting of the VCPS journal.Other costs include rent ,web hosting,purchase of new books,advertising for the annual show and legal costs. With plant give aways and meetings at members places the VCPS relies on the generosity of members. Many costs of the VCPS are offset by members sales of plants at meetings,the annual show and otherwise.10% of the profits go back into the VCPS.