Privacy Policy

It is of utmost importance that the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society ('VCPS') takes members' privacy seriously, and it is committed to ensuring that the society's members and general web site visitor's privacy is fully protected.

What are 'Personal Details'?

Personal details, for the sake of this page, include (but are not limited to) members names (including the names of a member's family), home and/or business address, email addresses, other contact information, comments, information, correspondence and opinions.

What about 'Sensitive Information'?

The VCPS does not collect or store or is interested in sensitive information, such as a member's political or religious beliefs, ethnic background, or sexual preferences.

Is any information made available to a third party?

Personal details that have been or will be gained and stored will not be provided to a third party or outside source, and is accessible to financial members of the VCPS for such things as posting the journal and establishing communication with, and only as much information of the member as is required and is necessary will be provided.In almost all cases only a few committee members will ever see other members personal details. Any member who distributes other member's personal details to a third party or outside source, for any purpose whatsoever, will be subject to possible disciplinary action.

How is information gained and stored?

Personal information is gained directly from the relative member and with the members permission, by way of membership application forms and other forms that may be distributed by the VCPS from time to time, or from the member by way of telephone or personal conversations, email or written material, and is only retained with the express permission of the member concerned. The VCPS does not obtain information regarding a member from any outside source or third party. All personal information regarding members is stored in a secure location, whether it be in paper or electronic form. If you have any queries regarding the VCPS Privacy Policy, please contact the President. See the Contact Page for contact information.