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The Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society has an extensive free library available for current members of the Society. Books and Videos can be collected at the monthly meetings, and returned the following meeting. Sorry, however due to past problems, library items cannot be posted. They must be collected personally from a meeting. The Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people and other societies that have contributed books, magazines, newsletters, journals, DVDs and videos to the VCPS Library.

  • VCPS Library List
    •                                                               Effective 29 July, 2004.
      1      Biology Of Plants.                                  Raven,Evert, Curtis
      2      Carnivorous Plants                                  Adrian Slack
      3      Carnivorous Plants Of the USA & Canada              Donald E. Schnell
      4      Carnivorous Plants Of the USA & Canada              Donald E. Schnell
      5      The Carnivorous Plants                              Francis E. Lloyd
      6      The Carnivorous Plants                              Francis E. Lloyd
      7      Plants Of Prey                                      Rica Erickson
      8      Plants That Eat Animals                             Linna Bentley
      9      The Flowering process                               F. Salisbury
      10     Carnivorous Plants                                  Cynthia Overbeck
      11     Carnivorous Plants                                  Gordon Cheers
      12     Carnivorous Plants                                  Gordon Cheers
      13     The Gardeners Show Guide                            R.S.H.V.
      14     Flora of Australia                                  Vol 8
      15     Carnivorous Plants of Australia (W.A.)              Vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
      16     Insectivore (ICPS) 1981                             Oct & Dec
      17     Insectivore (ICPS) 1982                             Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug, Oct & Dec
      18     Insectivore (ICPS) 1983                             Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug & Dec
      19     Insectivore (ICPS) 1984                             Feb,Apr,Jun & Dec
      20     S.A. Carnivorous Plant Society Bulletin             Vol 1 No. 1,2,3,4, 1982
      21     S.A. Carnivorous Plant Society Bulletin             Vol 2 No. 1,2,3,4, 1983
      22     The N.Z. Carnivorous Plant Society Journal          Vol 2 No. 1, Vol 3 No. 2
      23     Carnivorous Plants Society Journal (England)        Autumn Vol 5,6,7,
                                                                 Spring Vol 6,7.8
      24     Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society Bulletin        Vol 1 No. 1,2,3,4
      25     Carnivorous Plant Newsletter U.S.A.                 Vol 13 No. 3, 1984
      26     Brisbane Carnivorous Plant Society Bulletin         Sundews
      27     CP News The Carnivorous Plant News Letter           Issue 1
      28     Fremotia 1974                                       April
      29     Fremotia 1976                                       July
      30     Fremotia 1981                                       July
      31     Plant Tissue Culture                                R.A.Drew
      32     Flytrap News C.P.S. of N.S.W.                       1985 No. 1,2,3,
      33     Darlingtonia Californica                            Geographical Dist. Habitat &
      34     C.P. Newsletter of Australia                        Vol 1,2,3,4,5,6
      35     Potting Mixes                                       C.S.I.R.O. Division of Soils
      36     The New Zealand Carn. Plant Society Journal         Vol 2,3 & 3 Supplement
      37     The World of Plants                                 World of Science
      38     The Distribution of Vic. Carnivorous Plants
      40     Mysteries of the Bogs                               Louise E. Levathes
      41     Carnivorous Plants                                  YolandeH.Scientific American
      42     Plants that Eat Insects 1961 (May)
      43     Malaysia's Giant Flowers & Insect Eating Plants Paul A.Zahl National Geographic
      44     Australian Carnivorous Plants Society 1984          Vol 3 No. 1,2,3,4
      45     Plant Treasures of Sabah 1982                   B. Cook & B. Cole L.A. Int. Soc.

Books for sale - Check out the following:
"Carnivorous Plants - a "Total Listing", by the VCPS. This is a bound booklet form of the pages on this site. (CP Total Listing) $10.00 for members, $15.00 non-members. Overseas orders, add up to AU$5.00 for postage, depending on destination. (email us for exact pricing)

"A Guide to Growing Carnivorous Plants", also by VCPS. Excellent information book for the new grower or those wishing to improve their knowledge. (The "Tips and Tricks"pages are based on this publication) Pricing same as for "Total Listing", above.

We have a small supply of old Journals available for free. Check with the Journal Editorfor your requirements.