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 Family: Byblidaceae
            caerulea = liniflora
            gigantea f. typica (pink, purple, violet petals)
               "f. white petals" (Perth region)
            icariflorum = liniflora
            lindleyana = gigantea
            liniflora ssp. occidentalis = filifolia
            aff. liniflora 'Berry Springs, Northern Territory' =
            aff. liniflora 'Darwin, Northern Territory' = aquatica
 Family: Cephalotaceae
 Family: Sarraceniaceae
            californica f. typica
                  "f. white flower" 
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 Family: Droseraceae
Drosera - pygmy species = (P),  tuberous species = (T) 
  • A
    •  sp. '4' South Africa
                  sp. '8' Borneo
                  adelae "f. apricot flower"
                           "f. red flower"
                           "f. white flower"
                  adelae var. latior = schizandra
                  admirabilis = cuneifolia
                  adscendens = villosa
                  albiflora = trinervia
                  aldrovanda = Aldrovanda vesiculosa
                  aliciae "f. green leaves"
                           "f. yellow-green leaves"
                  sp. 'Alpine Form' (T) = stolonifera ssp. humilis
                  americana = intermedia
                  anagallidiflora = glanduligera
                  andersoniana (T)
                  androsacea (P)
                  androsae ssp. androsae
                              ssp. umbellata
                  'Anfil' (anglica x filiformis)
                  anglica var. anglica
                            var. albensis
                            var. brevifolia
                            var. gracilis
                            var. minor
                            var. obovata
                            var. pusilla
                            var. rotundata
                            var. subuniflora
                            "var. Chippewa, Michigan, USA."
                            "var. Japan"
                            "var. Hawaii"
                            "var. west Austria"
                  angustifolia = indica
                  angustifolia var. purpuriflora = indica
                  annua = brevifolia
                  'Anpill' (anglica x capillaris)
                  'Anterm' (anglica x intermedia)
                  aphylla (T) = whittakeri
                  arbuscula (T) = gigantea
                  arcturi "var. High Plains, Victoria"
                            "var. Giant, Tasmania"
                            "var. Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand"
                  arenicola var. arenicola
                              var. albiflora
                              var. occidentalis
                   sp. 'Armadale' (P) = oreopodion
                  ascendens = villosa
                  atra = arcturi
                  atrostyla = pauciflora
                  auriculata (T) = peltata ssp. auriculata
                  sp. 'Auyan Tepui, South America'
                  sp. 'Baanga Hill' (P) = grievei
                  x badgerupii (nitidula ssp. omissa x occidentalis ssp.
  • B
    •  banksii
                  sp. 'Bannister' (P) = mannii
                  barbigera ssp. barbigera (P)
                              ssp. silvicola (P)
                  sp. 'Beermullah' (P) = x badgerupii
                  x beleziana (rotundifolia x intermedia)
                  bicolor (T) = peltata
                  bifida (T) = neesii
                  billardieri = binata
                  binata var. dichotoma "f. large"
                              "f. small"
                           var. multifida "f. white flower"
                              "f. pink flower"
                              f. extrema
                          var. pedata
                          var. rubra
                          var. 'T Form'
                          cv. 'Marston Dragon' (binata var. dichotoma x
      binata var. multifida)
                              (ref. Slack 'Insect-Eating Plants & How
      to grow them', page 52)
                  sp. 'Botswana' = madagascariensis
                  brasiliensis = graminifolia
                  brevifolia var. brevifolia
                              var. major
                              "var. Vila Velha, Parana, Brazil" (light
      lilac flower)
                              "var. Natchitoches Parish, Lousiana, USA." 
      (pink flower, rosettes to 3.5 cm)
                              "var. Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil"
      (pink flower)
                              "var. El Pinar, Uruguay" (light lilac
                  sp. 'Brookton' (P)
                  browniana (T)
                  bulbigena (T)
                  bulbosa ssp. bulbosa (T)
                              "f. giant" (T)
                              "f. narrow petioles and red elliptical
      leaves" (T)
                              ssp. major (T)
                              "var. El Caballo Blanco" (T)
                              "var. Wongan" (T)
                  bulbosa var. praefolia (T) = praefolia
                  sp. 'Bullsbrook' (P) = helodes
                  burkeana f. angustifolia = humbertii
                  burmanni var. typica
                              var. dietrichiana
                              "var. Beverley Springs, Kimberley, Western
                              "var. Darwin, Northern Territory"
                              "var. NSW"
                              "var. Tennant Creek, Northern Territory" 
  • C
    •  caduca
                  'California Sunset' = filiformis cv. 'California
                  'Californica' = filiformis cv. 'Californica'
                  caledonica = neocaledonica
                  callistos (P)
                  calycina (T) = microphylla
                  calycina var. minor (T) = microphylla
                  sp. 'Camallo' (P) = echinoblastus
                  sp. 'Cape' = coccicaulis
                  capensis "f. alba"
                              "f. narrow leaf"
                              "f. pink flower"
                              "f. wide leaf"
                              "f. red leaf"
                              cv. 'Crestate'
                  'Capiciae' (capensis x aliciae)
                  capillaris ssp. capillaris var. typica
                              var. minor
                              "var. white flower, Florida, USA."
                              ssp. brasiliensis var. tenella
                              "var. Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil"
                              "var. Iguape, Sao Paulo, Brazil"
                              "var. Mongagua, Sao Paulo, Brazil"
                  'Caprice' (aliciae x capensis)
                  sp. 'Carbarup' "f. multi-pink flowers" (P) = nitidula
      ssp. nitidula
                  sp. 'Cataby' (P) = closterostigma
                  caulescens = hilaris
                  chiapasensis = brevifolia
                  chrysochila (P) = citrina
                  circinervia (T) = peltata ssp. auriculata
                  cistiflora var. cistiflora "f. pink flower"
                              "f. white flower"
                              "f. white and pink flower"
                              "f. yellow flower"
                              "f. red flower"
                              "f. smaller, straggling plant, red flower"
                              var. alba
                              var. exilis
                              var. multiflora
                              var. speciosa
                              var. violacea
                              var. zeyheri "f. pink flower"
                              "f. red flower"
                  cistoides = cistiflora
                  citrina var. citrina (P)
                           var. nivea (P)
                  closterostigma (P)
                  'Collinsiae' (burkeana x madagascariensis)
                  communis var. typica
                              var. alba
                              var. breviscapa
                              var. cubensis
                              var. pauciflora
                              "var. Campos do Jordao, Brazil"
                              "var. Cotia, Sao Paulo, Brazil"
                              "var. Paranapiacaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil"
                  compacta = bequaertii
                  congolana = madagascariensis
                  sp. 'Congonhas'
                  coolamon (P) = rechingeri
                  sp. 'Coomallo' (P) = echinoblastus
                  x corinthiaca (aliciae x glabripes)
                  corsica = rotundifolia
                  corymbosa = Dionaea muscipula
                  sp. 'Cuba II'
                  cuneata = cuneifolia
                  cuneifolia var. cuneifolia
                              var. undulata
                  cunninghamii = binata
                  curvipes = madagascariensis
                  curviscapa = aliciae
                  curviscapa var. esterhuysenae = aliciae 
  • D
    •  darwinensis
                  debbertii = slackii
                  debelis (T) = macrantha
                  dentata = sessilifolia
                  dichotoma = binata var. dichotoma
                  dichotoma var. longifolia = binata var. dichotoma
                  dichotoma var. rubra = binata var. rubra
                  dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala "f. pink flower" (P)
                              "f. white flower" (P)
                              ssp. drummondii (P)
                              ssp. enodes "f. pink flower" (P)
                              "f. white flower" (P)
                  dietrichiana = burmanni var. dietrichiana
                  'Dilaconeri' (dilatatopetiolaris x flaconeri)
                  sp. 'Dinata' = binata
                  drummondii (P) = barbigera 
  • E
    •  echinoblasta (P) = echinoblastus
                  echinoblastus (P)
                  aff. elongata 'Gigazambia'
                  aff. elongata 'Zambiensis'
                  sp. 'Emas'
                  sp. 'Eneabba' (P) = eneabba
                  eneabba (P)
                  enodes (P) = dichrosepala ssp. enodes
                  enodes "f. Jindong" (P) = stelliflora
                  sp. 'Ericksons Omissa' (P) = ericksoniae
                  ericksonae (P) = ericksoniae
                  ericksoniae "f. pink flower" (P)
                              "f. white flower" (P)
                  erythrogyne (T)
                  erythrorhiza ssp. erythrorhiza var. erythrorhiza (T)
                              var. imbecilia (T)
                              "var. Roleystone Red" (T)
                              ssp. collina (T)
                              "var. Scott River" (T)
                              ssp. magna (T)
                              ssp. squamosa (T)
                  sp. 'Esperance' (P) = sargentii
                  esterhuizen f. typica
                              "f. large"
                  esterhuysenae = aliciae
                  x exotica (nitidula x occidentalis) 
  • F
    •  falconeri f. typica (pink flower)
                              "f. white flower" (Palmerston, N.T.)
                  ferraria = neocaledonica
                  filicaulis (T) = menziesii
                  filiformis var. filiformis f. typica
                              "f. Florida Giant"
                              var. tracyi
                              cv. 'California Sunset' (filiformis var.
      filiformis x filiformis var. tracyi)
                              cv. 'Californica' (filiformis var.
      filiformis x filiformis var. tracyi)
                  filipes (T) = huegelii
                  fimbriata (T)
                  finlaysoniana = indica
                  finlaysonii = indica
                  flabellata (T) = platypoda
                  flagellifera = binata
                  flava (T) = neesii
                  flavescens (T) = neesii
                  flexicaulis = affinis
                  sp. 'Floating'
                  foliosa (T) = peltata
                  sp. 'Forrestania'
  • G
    •  sp. 'Gidgeganup' (P) = scorpioides
                  gigantea var. gigantea "f. green plant" (T)
                              "f. dark reddish plant" (T)
                              "f. orange/grey plant" (T)
                              var. geniculata (T)
                              "var. Yarloop" (T)
                  sp. 'Gingin Brook' (P)
                  gracilis (T) = peltata ssp. gracilis
                  graminifolia var. graminifolia
                              var. major
                  grandiflora = pauciflora
                  graniticola (T)
                  grievei (P) 
  • H
    •  hamiltonii
                  sp. 'Hamersley' (T) = prostratoscaposa
                  helianthemum = cistiflora
                  helodes (P)
                  'Henryana' (capensis x aliciae)
                  heterophylla (T)
                  hexagina = indica
                  sp. 'Highland Red' = slackii
                  hirtella var. hirtella
                            var. lutescens
                  huegelii (T)
                  huegelii var. flaviflora (T) = menziesii
                  humilis (T) = stolonifera ssp. humilis
                  x hybrida (filiformis var. filiformis x intermedia)
                  hyperostigma (P) 
  • I
    •  incisa = Utricularia incisa
                  indica ssp. indica var. typica
                              var. albiflora
                              var. pusilla
                              var. robusta
                              var. rosea
                              var. glabra
                              var. makinoi
                              var. rubra
                              "var. white"
                              "var. Kununurra, Western Australia"
                              "var. Darwin, Northern Territory - lilac
                              "var. Darwin, Northern Territory - orange
                              "var. Cairns, Queensland - pink & white
                              "var. Japan"
                              "var. Tennant Creek, Northern Territory"
                          "ssp. Beverley Springs"
                  insolita (possibly a small form of Drosera peltata)
                  intermedia var. intermedia
                              var. americana
                              var. caulescens
                              var. chloroglandulosa
                              var. coruscans
                              var. corymbosa
                              var. elatior
                              var. erecta
                              var. gracilis
                              var. leucoglandulosa
                              var. natans
                              var. ramosa
                              var. roraimae
                              var. subcaulescens
                              var. tenuis
                              var. vulgaris
                              "var. Brazil"
                              "var. Brunswick C., NC."
                              "var. Carolina giant"
                              "var. Pine Barrens"
                              "var. South Alabama"
                              "var. Tropical"
                  intricata (T) 
  • K
    •  kaieteurensis
                  sp. 'Kalbarri' (P) = citrina
                  'Kansaiensis' (rotundifolia x spatulata)
                  karglii = spatulata
                  kenneallyi f. typica
                              "f. 6-petal flower" 
  • L
    •  'Lake Badgerup' = x badgerupii
                  lasiantha (P)
                  latistigma (P) = platystigma
                  leioblastus (P) = paleacea ssp. leioblastus
                  leionema = ?
                  leucantha = brevifolia
                  leucoblasta (P)
                  'Leuris' (brevifolia x capillaris) (uncertain)
                  ligulata = arcturi
                  lineata = binata
                  'Linglica' (anglica x linearis)
                  lingolata = arcturi
                  'Linpill' (linearis x capillaris)
                  'Linthulata' (linearis x spatulata)
                  lobbiana (T) = peltata
                  longifolia var. anglica = anglica
                  longifolia var. bifida = anglica
                  longifolia var. breviscapa = anglica
                  longifolia var. pusilla = anglica
                  longifolia var. obovata = anglica
                  longifolia var. subobovata = anglica
                  longifolia subvar. subuniflora = anglica
                  longifolia var. anglica = anglica
                  longifolia var. caulescens = intermedia
                  longifolia var. foliosa = intermedia
                  longifolia var. linearis = linearis
                  longifolia var. vulgaris = anglica
                  longifolia-rotundifolia (rotundifolia x anglica)
                  loureirii = spatulata
                  lovellae = spatulata
                  lowriei (T)
                           "f. golden green plant, red mid-vein &
      margins" (T)
                           "f. all green" (T)
                           "f. maroon-red plant" (T)
                           "f. giant" (T)
                           "f. small all golden-green" (T)
                  lunata (T) = peltata var. lunata
                  lusitanica = Drosophyllum lusitanicum 
  • M
    •  macedonica = anglica
                  macloviana = uniflora
                  macrantha ssp. macrantha var. macrantha (T)
                              var. burgesii (T)
                              var. minor (T)
                              "var. pink flower, entire plant glandula"
                              "var. white flower, lower half glabrous"
                              "var. white flower, long golden hairs on
      inflorescence" (T)
                              ssp. eremae (T)
                              ssp. planchonii (T)
                  aff. macrantha 'swamp form' (T)
                  aff. macrantha 'desert form' (T)
                  aff. macrantha 'rock outcrop form' (T)
                  macrantha var. stricticaulis (T) = stricticaulis
                  macrophylla ssp. eremaea (T) = stricticaulis ssp.
                  macrophylla ssp. macrophylla (T)
                              "f. multi-flowered scapes" (T)
                              ssp. monantha f. typica (T) (white flower)
                              "f. pinkish flower" (T)
                              "ssp. Eujinyn" - short single white
      flowered scapes (T)
                  madagascariensis var. typica
                              var. major
                  sp. 'Magaliesburg, South Africa'
                  magellanica = uniflora
                  makinoi = indica
                  sp. 'Malawi'
                  manniana (P) = mannii
                  mannii (P)
                  marchantii ssp. marchantii (T)
                              ssp. prophylla (T)
                  sp. 'Marchants Omissa' (P) = dichrosepala ssp. enodes
                  maritima = brevifolia
                  media = intermedia
                  menziesii ssp. menziesii (T)
                              ssp. basifolia (T)
                              "f. light pink flowers" (T)
                              "f. dark pink flowers" (T)
                              ssp. mysanosepala (T)
                              ssp. penicillaris (T)
                              ssp. thysanosepala "f. pink flower" (T)
                              "f. white flower" (T)
                  menziesii var. albiflora (T) = macrantha
                  menziesii var. flavescens (T) = subhirtella
                  metziana = indica
                  micrantha (P) = paleacea
                  micrantha var. trichocaulis (P) = paleacea
                  microphylla var. microphylla (T)
                              var. macropelata (T)
                  microscapa (P) = occidentalis var. microscapa
                  sp. 'Millbrook Road' (P)
                  miniata (P) = leucoblasta
                  minor = capillaris
                  minutiflora (P) = paleacea
                  minutula (P) = pygmaea
                  moaensis = brevifolia
                  modesta (T)
                  sp. 'Mogumber' (T)
                  montana var. montana
                              var. hirtella
                              var. parviflora
                              var. robusta
                              var. schwackei
                              var. tomentosa
                              "var. Caraca"
                              "var. white flower"
                              "var. dewey scape"
                              "var. Serra de Ibitopoca, Minas Gerais,
                              "var. S. T. das Letras, Minas Gerais,
                              "var. dewey scape, narrow leaf"
                montana var. roraimae = roraimae
                  moorei (T)
                  sp. 'Mount Manypeak' (P)
                  sp. 'Muchea Pink' (P) = spilos
                  myriantha (T) 
  • N
    •  'Nagamoto' = 'Nagamotoi'
                  'Nagamotoi' (anglica x spatulata)
                              cv. 'Watari' (anglica x spatulata)
                  naperi = ?
                  neesii ssp. neesii (T)
                          ssp. borealis (T)
                          ssp. sulphurea (T)
                  neglecta = x (anglica x rotundifolia)
                  nidiformis = dielsiana
                  nipponica (T) = peltata ssp. lunata
                  nitidula ssp. nitidula var. nitidula (P)
                             ssp. allantostigma (P)
                             ssp. leucostigma (P)
                             ssp. omissa (P)
                  x (nitidula ssp. allantostigma x ericksoniae)
                  x (nitidula ssp. nitidula x ericksoniae)
                  x (nitidula ssp. omissa x pulchella)
                  x (nitidula ssp. omissa x occidentalis ssp.
                  nivea (P) = citrina var. nivea
                  sp. 'North Bannister' (P) = silvicola
                  sp. 'North Beermullah' (P) 
  • O
    •  'Obconica' (rotundifolia x anglica) (uncertain)
                  x obovata (rotundifolia x anglica)
                              cv. 'Clavata' (anglica x rotundifolia)
                              cv. 'Genuina' (anglica x rotundifolia)
                              cv. 'Hybrida' (anglica x rotundifolia)
                              cv. 'Oblongata' (anglica x rotundifolia)
                  occidentalis ssp. occidentalis var. occidentalis (P)
                              var. microscapa (P)
                              "var. Warriup" (P)
                              "var. Beermullah" (P)
                              ssp. australis (P)
                  sp. 'Okavango Delta'
                  omissa (P) = nitidula ssp. omissa
                  sp. 'Omissa-Marchant' (P) = dichrosepala ssp. enodes
                  orbiculata (T)
                  oreopodion (P) 
  • P
    •  paleacea ssp. paleacea (P)
                              ssp. lieoblastus (P)
                              ssp. roseana (P)
                              ssp. stelliflora (P)
                              ssp. trichocaulis (P)
                  pallida (T)
                  parvifolia = communis
                  parvula ssp. parvula (P)
                             ssp. sargentii (P)
                  patellifera = glanduligera
                  pauciflora var. typica
                              var. acaulis
                              var. leucantha
                              "var. white flower"
                              "var. yellow flower"
                              "var. pink flower"
                              "var. pink flower, short stem"
                  pauciflora var. minor = cistiflora
                  pedata = binata
                  peltata ssp. peltata var. typica (T)
                              var. foliosa (T)
                              var. genuina (T)
                              var. glabrata (T)
                              var. gunniana (T)
                              var. lunata (T)
                              var. multisepala (T)
                              var. nipponica (T)
                              "var. green rosette/pink petal" (T)
                              "var. red rosette/white petal" (T)
                              "var. white petal/orange ovary" (T)
                              "var. Western Australia" - orange plant,
      small white flower (T)
                            ssp. auriculata (T)
                            ssp. gracilis (T)
                            "ssp. Fitzgerald, Western Australia" - red
      blotch on white petal (T)
                  penduliflora (T) = ramellosa
                  penicillaris (T) = menziesii ssp. penicillaris
                  'Petioconeri' (petiolaris x falconeri)
                  petiolaris ssp. petiolaris
                              ssp. dilatato
                  aff. petiolaris 'Erect, Darwin, N.T.'
                  aff. petiolaris 'Erect, Pine Creek, N.T.'
                  aff. petiolaris 'Kununurra'
                  aff. petiolaris 'Medium rosette'
                  aff. petiolaris 'Mini rosette'
                  sp. 'Plains Form' = aliciae
                  plancherii (T) = macrantha ssp. planchonii
                  planchonii (T) = macrantha ssp. planchonii
                  sp. 'Platy Obrien' (P) = hyperostigma
                  platypoda (T)
                  platystigma (P)
                  polyneura = arcturi
                  porrecta (T) = stolonifera ssp. porrecta
                  sp. 'Porongurups' (P) = lasiantha
                  praefolia (T)
                  preissii (T) = heterophylla
                  primulacea (T) = erythrorhiza
                  propinqua = spatulata
                  prostratoscaposa (T)
                  pulchella f. typica (P)
                              "f. almost red flower" (P)
                              "f. coral pink flower" (P)
                              "f. deep orange flower" (P)
                              "f. orange flower" (P)
                              "f. orange with red centre flower" (P)
                              "f. pale orange flower" (P)
                              "f. pink flower" (P)
                              "f. pink with dark purple centre flower"
                              "f. red flower" (P)
                              "f. red purple flower" (P)
                              "f. red with red centre flower" (P)
                              "f. very pale pink with reddish centre
      flower" (P)
                              "f. white with red centre flower" (P)
                  pumila = colombiana ?
                  sp. 'Purnata' (T)
                  purpurascens (T) = stolonifera ssp. stolonifera
                  pycnoblasta (P)
                  pygmaea "var. Eastern Australia" (P)
                              "var. New Zealand" (P)
                              "var. Western Australia" (P) 
  • R
    •  radicans (T)
                  ramellosa "f. white flower" (T)
                              "f. pink flower" (T)
                  ramentacea var. typica
                              var. burchelliana
                  ramentacea var. condensata = burkeana
                  ramentacea var. curvipes = madagascariensis
                  ramentacea var. glabripes = glabripes
                  ramentacea var. nigritiana = madagascariensis
                  rechingeri "var. white flower" (P) = nivea
                  sp. 'Regans Ford' (P) = citrina
                  sp. 'Rhodesia'
                  roridula = dentata
                  roseana (P) = paleacea ssp. roseana
                  rosulata (T)
                  aff. rosulata 'Hills form' (T)
                  'Rotundicapensis' (capensis x rotundifolia)
                  rotundifolia ssp. rotundifolia var. typica
                              var. breviscapa
                              var. cristata
                              var. comosa
                              var. corsica
                              var. distachya
                              var. furcata
                              var. genuina
                              var. gracilis
                              var. longipetiolata
                              var. maritima
                              var. pygmaea
                              "var. Bloomsburg, PA"
                              "var. Bruce Penn., CAN"
                              "var. Freelton, Ontario, Canada"
                              "var. Haines"
                              "var. Kralovany, Czechoslovakia"
                              "var. Mendocino, California"
                              "var. Oregon"
                              "var. Prosque Isle Co., Michigan, USA."
                              "var. Thomas Lake, Washington"
                              "var. S. Bohemia, Czech Republic"
                              "var. West Austria"
                              ssp. bracteata
                  rotundifolia var. capillaris = capillaris
                  'Rotundifolia-anglica' (rotundifolia x anglica)
                  ruahinensis = arcturi
                  rubiginosa = neocaledonica
                  rubripetala = cistiflora 
  • S
    •  salina (T)
                  sanariapoana = cayennensis
                  sargentii (P) = parvula ssp. sargentii
                  scorpioides var. scorpioides "f. deep-pink flower" (P)
                              "f. white flower" (P)
                              var. brevipes (P)
                  secunda = paleacea
                  septentrionalis = rotundifolia
                  septentrionalis var. oblongifolia = anglica
                  septentrionalis var. rotundifolia = rotundifolia
                  serpens = indica
                  sessiliflora = Dionaea muscipula
                  sewelliae (P)
                  silvicola (P) = barbigera ssp. silvicola
                  sp. 'South Coast' (P) = occidentalis ssp. australis
                  spatulata ssp. spatulata var. spatulata
                              var. loureirii
                              var. kanto
                              var. rotundata
                              "var. Formosa"
                              "var. Victoria"
                              "var. New South Wales"
                              "var. New Zealand"
                              "var. North Island, New Zealand"
                              "var. Mt. Bartle Frere, Queensland"
                              "var. hairy sepals"
                              "var. rotund leaves"
                              "var. pink flower"
                              "var. white flower"
                              ssp. lovellae
                  spatulata var. kansai = tokaiensis
                  spatulata ssp. tokaiensis = tokaiensis
                  speciosa = cistiflora
                  spilos "f. pink flower" (P)
                          "f. white flower" (P)
                  spiralis = graminifolia
                  squamosa (T) = erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa
                  stelliflora (P) = paleacea ssp. stelliflora
                  sp. 'Steves-dichro' (P) = roseana
                  sp. 'Steves-paleacea' (P) = leucoblasta
                  sp. 'Sth Africa'
                  stolonifera ssp. stolonifera var. typica (T)
                              "var. Hills" (T)
                              ssp. compacta (T)
                              ssp. humilis var. typica (T)
                              "var. Alpine" (T)
                              ssp. monticola (T)
                              ssp. porrecta (T)
                              ssp. prostrata (T)
                              ssp. rupicola "f. golden green plant" (T)
                              "f. bronze plant" (T)
                  stricticaulis ssp. stricticaulis var. typica (T)
                              "var. robust" (T)
                              ssp. eremaea "f. pink flower" (T)
                              "f. white flower" (T)
                  stylosa (T) = peltata ssp. auriculata
                  subhirtella (T)
                  sulphurea (T)
                  'Superlongifolio-rotundifolia' (rotundifolia x anglica)
                  'Superrotundifolio-longifolia' (rotundifolia x anglica) 
  • T
    •  tenella = capillaris
                  tenella var. esmeraldae = esmeraldae
                  tenuifolia = filiformis
                  sp. 'The Lakes' (P) = callistos
                  'Thelocalyxiana' (burmanni x sessilifolia)
                  thysanosepala (T) = menziesii ssp. thysanosepala
                  tingens (T) = whittakeri
                  sp. 'Toodyay Pink' (P) = spilos
                  'Tokaiensis' (rotundifolia x spatulata)
                  tomentosa = montana var. tomentosa
                  tomentosa var. glabrata = montana var. tomentosa
                  tracyi = filiformis var. tracyi
                  sp. 'Transvaal'
                  triflora = spatulata
                  trinervia "var. Boesmansrivier, South Africa"
                              "var. Darling-Malmesbury, South Africa"
                              "var. Gilberg, South Africa"
                              "var. Hopefield, South Africa"
                              "var. Killarney, South Africa"
                              "var. Malmesbury-Morcesberg, South Africa"
                              "var. Pickerburg, South Africa"
                              "var. Pakhuispas, South Africa"
                              "var. Youngsfield, South Africa"
                  tubaestylis f. typica (T)
                              "f. dwarf red-maroon plant" (T)
                  tubaestylus (T) = tubaestylis 
  • U
    •  umbellata = Androsace umbellata (non-carnivorous plant)
  • V
    •  venusta = natalensis
                  verticillata (T) = stolonifera ssp. humilis
                  villosa var. villosa
                            var. ascendens
                            var. bifurca
                            var. graomogolensis
                            var. latifolia
                            "var. narrow leaf" (Caminho do Mar, Sao
      Paulo, Brazil)
                            "var. large, compact rosette, wide leaf"
                            "var. wide leaf" (Paranapiacaba, Sao Paulo,
  • W
    •  whittakeri ssp. whittakeri var. typica (T)
                              "var. stolon forming" (T)
                              "var. Jessica Ruby" (T)
                              ssp. aberrans (T)
                  violacea = cistiflora
                  walyunga (P)
                  sp. 'Warriup' (P) = occidentalis ssp. australis
                  'Watari' = nagamotoi cv. 'Watari'
                  sp. 'White Hirtella'
                  whittakeri ssp. praefolia (T) = praefolia 
  • Y-Z
    •  yutayensis = arenicola var. occidentalis
                  zeyheri = cistiflora
                  zeylonensis = burmanni
                  zigzagia (T)
                  zonaria "f. Giant" (T)
                             "f. Small Form" (T) 
 Family: Droseraceae
 Family: Lentibulariaceae
            africana ssp. africana f. typica
                        f. pallida
            africana ssp. stapfii = stapfii
            anfractuosa = filiformis
            biloba = violacea
            sp. 'Brazil'
            cylindrica = violacea
            esmeraldae = pygmaea
            filiformis var. typica
                        "var. Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil"
                        "var. Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goias State,
                        "var. Serra da Cipa, Minas Gerais, Brazil"
            hispidula ssp. subglabra = subglabra
            luetzelburgii = guianensis
            luteoviridis = filiformis
            minor = aurea
            nigrocaulis = pygmaea
            ornata = aurea
            ornata var. gracilis = aurea
            oxycentron = pygmaea
            pulchella = repens
            pusilla = repens
            recurva = margaretae
            relexa = violacea
            repens var. typica
                     "var. Senges, Parana State, Brazil"
                     "var. Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil"
            subviridis = africana ssp. africana
            violacea var. typica
                        "var. Serra da Caraca, Minas Gerais,
                        "var. Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil"
                        "var. Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil" 
 Family: Sarraceniaceae
            heterodoxa var. heterodoxa
                        var. exappendiculata
                        var. glabra
            sp. 'Ilu Tepui'
            macdonaldae = tatei var. macdonaldae
            'Midoxa' (heterodoxa x minor)
            minor f. typica
                    f. laevis
            neblinae = tatei var. neblinae
            neblinae var. neblinae = tatei var. neblinae
            neblinae var. parva = tatei var. neblinae
            neblinae var. viridis = tatei var. neblinae
            'Nudoxa' (heterodoxa x nutans)
            nutans f. typica
                     "f. Tramen"
                     "f. Giant"
            recens = ionasii
            tatei var. tatei f. typica
                        f. tyleri
                  var. macdonaldae
                  var. neblinae f. typica
                        f. parva
            tyleri = tatei var. tatei f. tyleri 
 Family: Martyniaceae
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 Family: Nepenthaceae
    Nepenthes - lowland species = (L), highland species = (H) 
  • A
    •  sp. 'A'
                      'Accentual Koto' (thorelii x (rafflesiana x
                      adnata (L)
                      'Adorable Fuso' (thorelii x khasiana)
                      'Aglow Koto' = thorelii cv. 'Aglow Koto'
                      'Aichi' (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (sanguinea x khasiana)))
                      'Aigae' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
      'Superba') x thorelii)
                               cv. 'Akaba' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x
      (maxima x northiana)) x thorelii)
                      alata var. typica (H)
                             var. biflora (H)
                             var. ecristata (H)
                             f. variegata
                             "f. green" (H)
                             "f. striped red" (H or L)
                             cv. 'Boschiana Mimic'
                             cv. 'Luzon'
                      alba (H) = gracillima
                      albocinta (L) = albomarginata
                      albocinta var. rubra (L) = albomarginata
                      albolineata (L) = mirabilis
                      albomarginata var. typica (L)
                                  var. rubra (L)
                                  var. tomentella (L)
                                  var. villosa (L)
                                  f. sanguinea (L)
                                  f. striata (L)
                                  "f. Black" (H) (Found only on Mt Mulu
      in Sarawak)
                                  "f. spotted" (L)
                      'Albomax' (albomarginata x maxima)
                      aliciae (L) = mirabilis
                      x alisaputrana (burbidgeae x rajah)
                      'Allardii' (veitchii x maxima)
                      'Alleniana' (? x ?)
                      'Alliotii' = 'Mixta'
                      'Alta May' = 'Butcheri' cv. 'Alta May'
                      'Amabilis' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
                      'Ambrosial Koto' ((gracilis x ampullaria) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      'Amesiana' (rafflesiana x (rafflesiana x
                      ampullacea (L) = ampullaria
                      ampullaria var. typica (L)
                                  var. geelvinkiana (L)
                                  var. guttata (L)
                                  var. longicarpa (L)
                                  var. microsepala (L)
                                  var. racemosa (L)
                                  var. vittata (L)
                                  var. vittata-major (L)
                                  cv. 'Cantleys Red' (L)
                                  cv. picta (L)
                                  "var. Straits" (L)
                                  "f. green" (L)
                                  "f. Red Moon" (L)
                      'Amy Michelle' (thorelii x rafflesiana)
                      anamensis (H)
                      'Andrewensis' ((anamensis x ventricosa ) x
                      'Anerleyensis' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      angasanensis (H)
                      angustifolia (L) = gracilis
                      'Arakawae' ((northiana x maxima) x alata)
                      argentii (H)
                      aristolochioides (H)
                      armbrustae (L) = mirabilis
                      'Arnoldiensis' = 'Stewartii'
                      'Asahi' (ventricosa x rafflesiana)
                      'Atropurpurea' (sanguinea x maxima cv. 'Superba')
                      'Atrosanguinea' (distillatoria x (gracilis x
                      'Attractive Fuso' (thorelii x ventricosa) 
  • B
    •  sp. 'B'
                      'Balfouriana' ((northiana x maxima) x (sanguinea x
                      'Balmy Koto' = 'Ecstatic Koto'
                      'Bario' (ventricosa x stenophylla)
                      'Bastido' (ovata x spathulata)
                      beccariana (L) = mirabilis
                      'Behnickii' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
      ((northiana x maxima) x maxima))
                      'Bella' (truncata x (ampullaria x bicalcarata))
                      bellii (L)
                      'Benectii' (? x ?)
                      'Benign Koto' (rafflesiana x (rafflesiana x
      ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                      'Benkei' (ventricosa x bellii)
                                 cv. 'Inversa' (bellii x ventricosa)
                      bernaysii (L) = mirabilis
                      bicalcarata (L)
                      'Bizen' ((maxima x thorelii) x ((maxima x
      northiana) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Blakei' ((anamensis x ventricosa) x mirabilis)
                      blancoi (H) = alata
                      'Boca Rose' = 'Hareliana' cv. 'Boca Rose'
                      'Bohnickii' ((maxima x (maxima x northiana)) x
      (maxima x (maxima x northiana)))
                      'Boisiana' ((maxima x veitchii) x (mirabilis x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Boissiensis' (gracilis x ((gracilis x khasiana) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                                  cv. 'Rubra' (gracilis x ((gracilis x
      khasiana) x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Bongsima' (bongso x maxima)
                      bongso (H)
                      borneensis (H) = boschiana
                      boschiana (H)
                      boschiana cv. 'Mimic' (H) = alata
                      boschiana var. lowii (H) = stenophylla
                      boschiana var. sumatrana (H) = sumatrana
                      brachycarpa (H) = philippinensis
                      'Briggsiana' (ventricosa x lowii)
                      'Broomeana' (? x ?)
                      x bruneiensis (lowii x stenophylla)
                      burbidgeae (H)
                      burbidgei (H) = burbidgeae
                      burkei var. typica(H)
                               var. excellens (H)
                               var. prolifica (H)
                      'Butcheri' (distillatoria x ventricosa)
                                  cv. 'Alta May' (distillatoria x
  • C
    •  campanulata (L)
                      'Cantleys Red' = ampullaria cv. 'Cantleys Red'
                      'Cantleyi' (bicalcarata x gracilis)
                      'Caroli-schmidtii' = 'Deslogesii'
                      carunculata = bongso
                      carunculata var. robusta = bongso
                      'Carunculosa' (ventricosa x alata)
                      'Cathy Jo' ((mirabilis x (northiana x maxima)) x
      (anamensis x maxima))
                      celebica (H) = maxima
                      chapmanii (H) = distillatoria
                      'Chelsonii' ((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria))
                                  cv. 'Excellens' ((rafflesiana x
      hirsuta) x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                                  cv. 'Excelsa' ((rafflesiana x hirsuta)
      x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      cholmondeleyi (L) = mirabilis
                      x cincta (northiana x albomarginata)
                      'Cisoensis' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      'Claytonii' (? x ?)
                      clipeata (H)
                      'Coccinea' = 'Stewartii'
                      'Compacta' = 'Stewartii'
                      copelandii (H) = alata
                      'Courtii' (gracilis x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Craigiana' (? x ?)
                      'Cravenii' (((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
      mirabilis) x mirabilis)
                      cristata (H) = madagascariensis
                      curtisii (H) = maxima
                      curtisii var. superba (H) = maxima
                      'Cylindrica' (distillatoria var. rubra x veitchii) 
  • D
    •  'Dainty Koto' (thorelii x merrilliana)
                      danseri (L)
                      'Dashy Koto' = 'Festal Koto'
                      'David Parkyn' (oisoensis x (northiana x maxima))
                      'Davineana' ((northiana x maxima) x (thorelii x
                      deaniana (H)
                      'Debbertii' (clipeata x burkei)
                      'Decorous Koto' (rafflesiana x (rafflesiana x
                      decurrens (L) = northiana
                      'Delectable Koto' (rafflesiana x thorelii)
                      'Delightful Koto' ((gracilis x ampullaria) x
                                     (rafflesiana x ((northiana x maxima)
      x (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                      dempoensis (H) = spathulata
                      densiflora (H)
                      dentata (H) = hamata
                      'Deslogesii' ((maxima x veitchii) x (northiana x
                      destillatoria (H) = distillatoria
                      'Dianiana' ((anamensis x maxima) x (northiana x
                      diatas (L)
                      'Dicksoniana' (rafflesiana x veitchii)
                      'Dignified Koto' (((gracilis x ampullaria) x
      ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Dinkum Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x maxima)
                    'Director G. T. Moore' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x
                                                  (rafflesiana x
                    distillatoria var. typica (H)
                                  var. rubra (H)
                      'Divine Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x veitchii)
                      'Dominiana' (rafflesiana x hirsuta)
                                  cv. 'Intermedia' (rafflesiana x
                      'Dominii' = 'Dominiana'
                      'Doradisiae' = 'Stewartii'
                      'Dormanniana' (mirabilis x (gracilis x khasiana))
                    'Dr. C. Fairburn' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Dreamy Koto' (thorelii x veitchii)
                      'Dreamy Yamamoto' ((thorelii x veitchii) x
                    'Dr. Edgar Anderson' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                                                  x (rafflesiana x
                      'Dr. John MacFarlane' (sanguinea x maxima cv.
                      x dubia (bongso x inermis)
                      'Dwarf Peacock' ((thorelii x (khasiana x
                      dyak (L) = bicalcarata
                      'Dyeriana' = 'Picturata' 
  • E
    •  'Easeful Koto' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                    'East Everglades' ((anamensis x maxima) x (anamensis
      x (northiana x maxima)))
                    'Ebony Koto' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      echinostoma (L) = mirabilis
                      'Ecstatic Koto' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      edgeworthii (H) = edwardsiana
                      'Edinensis' (rafflesiana x ((rafflesiana x hirsuta)
      x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Edmundsii' (? x ?)
                      edwardsiana ssp. edwardsiana "f. Kinabalu" (H)
                                  "f. Trusmardi" (H)
                      edwardsiana ssp. macrophylla = villosa
                      'Effulgent Koto' (mirabilis x thorelii)
                      'Elaborative Koto' (thorelii x ((northiana x
      maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      sp. 'Elegance' = rafflesiana
                      'Elfine Koto' (thorelii x ((sanguinea x khasiana) x
      (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))))
                      'Elmenhorstiana' (? x ?)
                      'Elongata' = 'Hookeriana'
                      'Emmarene' (khasiana x ventricosa)
                                  cv. 'Savanah Rose' (khasiana x
                      'Emotional Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x thorelii)
                      'Engaging Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      ephippiata var. typica (H)
                                  "var. Raya, Borneo" (H)
                      'Eternal Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x
                                  ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
                      eustachia (H)
                      eustachya (H) = eustachia
                      eustachys (H) = eustachia
                      'Excellen' ((thorelii x maxima) x (northiana x
      maxima cv. 'Superba'))
                                  cv. 'Jessica Laureen' ((thorelii x
      maxima) x (northiana x maxima cv. 'Superba'))
                                  cv. 'Superba' ((thorelii x maxima) x
      (northiana x maxima cv. 'Superba'))
                      'Excelsa' (veitchii x sanguinea)
                      'Excelsior' (rafflesiana x (rafflesiana x
                      'Eyermanni' = 'Stewartii'
                      eymae (L) = maxima 
  • F
    •  'Fabulous Koto' (khasiana x thorelii)
                      'Facetious Koto' (thorelii x (thorelii x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Facile Koto' ((sanguinea x khasiana) x thorelii)
                      faizaliana (H) = stenophylla
                      fallax (H) = stenophylla
                      'Felicitous Koto' = thorelii cv. 'Felicitous Koto'
                      'Feminine Koto' (khasiana x (thorelii x thorelii))
                      x ferrugineomarginata (reinwardtiana x
                      'Fervent Koto' (mirabilis x (thorelii x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Festal Koto' ((northiana x maxima) x merrilliana)
                      'Festive Koto' (thorelii x (thorelii x maxima))
                      'Feverish Koto' ((sanguinea x khasiana) x
                      'Fickle Koto' ((sanguinea x khasiana) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      fimbriata (L) = mirabilis
                      fimbriata var. leptostachya (L) = mirabilis
                      'Findlayana' (? x ?)
                      'Fine Koto' ((thorelii x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
                      'Forceful Koto' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
      ampullaria)) x stenophylla)
                      'Foremost Koto' ((thorelii x maxima) x ((northiana
      x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Formal Koto' (rafflesiana x stenophylla)
                      'Formosa' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria)) x distillatoria)
                      'Fournieri' (northiana x (northiana x maxima))
                      'Frosty Koto' ((thorelii x maxima) x stenophylla)
                      'Fruity Koto' ((thorelii x thorelii) x (rafflesiana
      x ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                      fucosa (H) = stenophylla
                      'Fukakusana' (rafflesiana x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Fukubae' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      'Fulgent Koto' (thorelii x stenophylla)
                      fusca ssp. fusca (H)
                             ssp. kostermansiana (H)
                      fusca ssp. apoensis (H) = stenophylla
                      'Fushimiensis' (bellii x thorelii)
                      'Fuso' (((northiana x maxima)) x maxima cv.
      'Superba') x khasiana)
                      'F.W. Moore' ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
  • G
    •  'Gamerii' = 'Deslogesii'
                      garrawayae (L) = mirabilis
                      'Gautieri' (northiana x (northiana x maxima))
                      geoffrayi (H) = anamensis
                      'Gerald Ulrichii' ((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      'Giddy Koto' (khasiana x (rafflesiana x
                      glabrata (H)
                      'Glaring Koto' (((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
      mirabilis) x rafflesiana))
                      'Glazy Koto' (((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
      mirabilis) x thorelii)
                      globamphora (L) = bellii
                      'Glorious Koto' (((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
      mirabilis) x (thorelii x maxima))
                      'Glossy Koto' (mirabilis x (thorelii x maxima))
                      'Goebelii' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      'Goettingensis' = 'Picturata'
                      'Gojimae' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      sp. 'Gold Star' = mirabilis
                      'Grabilis' (gracilis x mirabilis)
                      'Grabilis' = x ghazallyana
                      graciliflora (H) = alata
                      gracilis var. typica (L)
                                 var. angustifolia (L)
                                 var. arenaria (L)
                                 var. elongata (L)
                                 var. longinodis (L)
                                 var. major (L)
                                 var. teysmanniana (L)
                                 cv. 'Nighttime Regal'
                                 "f. green" (L)
                                 f. nigrescens (L)
                      x gracillata (gracillima x alata)
                      gracillima var. gracillima (H)
                                  var. major (H)
                                  "var. Ulu Kali" (H)
                      'Grandis' (maxima cv. 'Superba' x northiana var.
                      sp. 'Greenhorn' = mirabilis
                      'Grey Mist' (inermis x gracillima)
                      gymnamphora var. typica (H)
                                  var. haematamphora (H) 
  • H
    •  'Hachijo' ((mirabilis x thorelii) x mirabilis)
                      hainanensis (L) = mirabilis
                      hainaniana (L) = mirabilis
                      'Hamakumiko' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
      'Superba') x 'Sohna')
                      hamata (H)
                      'Hamiltoniana' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
                      'Hareliana' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                                  cv. 'Alba' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x
      mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                                  cv. 'Boca Rose' (((mirabilis x
      thorelii) x mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                                  cv. 'Red Skelton' (((mirabilis x
      thorelii) x mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                                  cv. 'Rouge' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x
      mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                                  cv. 'Vittata' (((mirabilis x thorelii)
      x mirabilis) x
                                  (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))))
                      'Harrisiana' ((anamensis x maxima) x reinwardtiana)
                      x harryana (villosa x edwardsiana)
                      'Heian' (? x ?)
                      helmsleyana (L) = rafflesiana
                      'Henryana' ((gracilis x khasiana) x (rafflesiana x
                    'Henry Shaw' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Hibberdii' = 'Outramiana'
                      'Hideki' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x (maxima x
      northiana)) x burkei)
                      'Higra' ((albomarginata x maxima) x stenophylla)
                      'Hirakata' (clipeata x ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x
      (maxima x northiana)) x maxima))
                      hirsuta var. typica (H)
                                var. glabrata (H)
                      hirsuta var. glabrescens (H) = distillatoria
                      hispida (H) = hirsuta
                    'Hoelscheri' ((northiana x maxima) x (gracilis x
      (rafflesiana x hirsuta)) x distillatoria)
                      'Hookerae' (rafflesiana x mirabilis)
                      x hookeri = x hookeriana
                      x hookeriana (rafflesiana x ampullaria)
                                  cv. 'Elongata' (rafflesiana x
                      humilis (H) = vieillardii
                      'Hybrida' (gracilis x khasiana)
                                  cv. 'Maculata' (khasiana x gracilis)
                                  cv. 'Maculata Elongata' (gracilis x
      (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Hybrida' cv. 'Elongata' = x hookeriana cv.
                      'Hyogo' (thorelii x 'Sohna') 
  • I
    •  'Idyllic Koto' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x
      mirabilis) x (northiana x maxima))
                      'Igneous Koto' (thorelii x (thorelii x veitchii))
                      'Ikedae' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
      ((northiana x maxima) x
                      (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Ile de France' ((mirabilis x thorelii) x
      (northiana x maxima))
                      'Immobile Koto' ((northiana x maxima) x thorelii)
                      indica (H) = distillatoria
                      inermis var. typica (H)
                                "var. Gudad, Sumatra" (H)
                      'Inexpecta' ((ventricosa x alata) x (khasiana x
                      infundibuliformis (H) = eymae
                      insignis (L)
                      'Intermedia' = 'Dominiana'
                      irregulata = ?
                      'Issey' (alata x burkei) 
  • J
    •  'J & B' (clipeata x veitchii)
                      jardinei (L) = mirabilis
                      'Jeanie Babe' (maxima x talangensis)
                      'Jessica Laureen' = 'Aigae'
                      'Joanne Holland' (glabrata x veitchii)
                      'Johnsonii' (? x ?)
                    'Joseph Cutak' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Judith Finn' (spathulata x veitchii)
                      junghuhnii (H) = singalana 
  • K
    •  'Kalamity' ((anamensis x ventricosa) x
      ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x (gracilis x khasiana)))
                      kampotiana (L) = anamensis
                      'Katagirii' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
                    'Katherine Moore' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                    'Kei' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x ((maxima x
      northiana) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))) x rafflesiana)
                      kekkediana (L) = mirabilis
                      sp. 'Kemiri'
                      kennedyana (L) = mirabilis
                      kennedyi (L) = mirabilis
                      khasiana (H)
                      'Khasiata' (khasiana x (ventricosa x alata))
                      'Kihachijo' (alata x maxima)
                      'Kikuchiae' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
      'Superba') x maxima)
                      x kinabaluensis (rajah x villosa)
                      'Kishino' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x (maxima x
      northiana)) x ventricosa "f. red")
                      'Kiso' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x rafflesiana)
                      klossii (H)
                      'Koiso' (neufvilliana x (maxima x (maxima x
                      'Koisoensis' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
      ((northiana x maxima) x maxima))
                      'Koiwado' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x (maxima x
      northiana)) x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      kookeriana (L) = rafflesiana
                      korthalsiana (L) = gracilis
                      sp. 'Kosobe' (H) = alata
                      'Kosobe' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      'Krausii' = 'Deslogesii'
                      x kuchingensis (ampullaria x mirabilis)
                      'Kyoko' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x bellii) 
  • L
    •  'Ladenburgii' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      laevis (L) = gracilis
                      lamii (H)
                      lanata (H) = veitchii
                      lavicola (H)
                      'Lawrenciana' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      x lecouflei (mirabilis x thorelii)
                      'LeeAnn Marie' (ventricosa x (ventricosa x alata))
                      'Leessii' (mirabilis x (northiana x maxima))
                      leptochila (H) = hirsuta
                      leptoptera (L) = neoguineensis
                      'Lesliei' (ampullaria x veitchii)
                      'Lieutenant R. B. Pring' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta)
      x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x
                                     (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Lieut. R. Bradford' (chelsonii x (gracilis x
                      lindleyana (?) = ?
                      x loddigesii = x hookeriana
                      'Londt' (khasiana x madagascariensis)
                      'Lonewoodii' (? x ?)
                      'Longicaudata' (maxima cv. 'Superba' x northiana
      var. pulchra)
                      longifolia (L)
                      longinodis (L) = gracilis
                      lowii f. typica (H)
                            "f. Mt. Kinabalu" (H)
                            "f. Mt. Mulu" (H)
                            "f. Mt. Trusmadi" (H)
                      'Lowilosa' (lowii x villosa)
                      sp. 'Luzon' = alata
                      'Lyrata' ((gracilis x khasiana) x rafflesiana) 
  • M
    •  macfarlanei var. typica (H)
                                  "var. Ulu Kali" (H)
                      macrophylla (H)
                      macrostachya (L) = mirabilis
                      macrovulgaris (L)
                      madagascariensis var. typica (H)
                                   var. cylindrica (H)
                                   var. macrocarpa (H)
                      'Madisonii' ((northiana x maxima) x ventricosa)
                      'Manny Herrera' (mirabilis x khasiana)
                      mapuluensis (L) 
                      'Margaretea' (anamensis x ventricosa)
                      'Maria-louisa' (northiana x (northiana x maxima))
                      'Mary Cruz' ((anamensis x ventricosa) x (anamensis
      x khasiana))
                      'Masahiroi' (albomarginata x thorelii)
                      'Masamiae' (thorelii x maxima)
                      masoalensis (L)
                      'Mastersiana' (sanguinea x khasiana)
                                  cv. 'Purpurea' (sanguinea x khasiana)
                      'Mathesonii' ((anamensis x maxima) x (thorelii x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      maxima var. typica (H)
                                  var. minor (H)
                                  cv. 'Superba'
                                  "f. wavy leaves, Sulawesi" (H)
                      maxima var. lowii (H) = stenophylla
                      maxima var. sumatrana (H) = sumatrana
                      'Mayi' (? x ?)
                      megamphora (L) = truncata
                      sp. 'Mekata' = ventricosa
                      melamphora (H) = gymnamphora
                      melamphora var. haematamphora (H) = gymnamphora
                      melamphora var. lucida (H) = gymnamphora
                      melamphora var. tomentella (H) = gymnamphora
                      'Menarabe' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x (maxima x
      northiana)) x veitchii)
                      'Mercieri' = 'Mixta'
                      'Mercury' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x ampullaria)
                      merrilliana (L)
                      x merrilliata (merrilliana x alata)
                      merrillii (L) = merrilliana
                      'Michael Lee' ((ventricosa x alata) x ((rafflesiana
      x ampullaria) x (gracilis x khasiana)))
                      micholitzii (H) = anamensis
                      'Midori' (((mirabilis x thorelii) x ((maxima x
      northiana) x (rafflesiana x veitchii))) x mirabilis)
                      mikei (H)
                      sp. 'Mimic' = x alata
                      'Minami' = 'Minamiensis'
                      'Minami' cv. 'Triumph' = 'Minamiensis'
                       'Minamiensis' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
      'Superba') x
                                  (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      sp. "Mindanao'
                      'Mino o' (ventricosa x (sanguinea x khasiana))
                      minutissima (H) = mikei
                      mirabilis var. typica (L)
                                  var. anamensis (L)
                                  var. biflora (L)
                                  var. leptostachya (L)
                                  var. echinostoma (L)
                                  var. rowanae (L)
                                  var. simensis (L)
                                  var. smilesii (L)
                                  cv. 'Gold Star' (L)
                                  cv. 'Greenhorn' (L)
                                  "var. Giant, Sulawesi" (L)
                                  "var. PNG." (L)
                                  "f. Winged" (L)
                      'Mixta' (northiana x maxima)
                               cv. 'Sanderiana' (northiana x maxima)
                               cv. 'Sanguinea' (northiana x maxima)
                               cv. 'Superba' (northiana x maxima)
                      'Miyo' (bellii x maxima)
                      'Mizuho' (rafflesiana x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      mollis (H)
                      moluccensis (L) = mirabilis
                      montrouzierii (H) = vieillardii
                      moorei (L) = mirabilis
                      'Morganiae' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
                      'Morganiana' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
                      muluensis (H)
                      x murudensis (tentaculata x reinwardtiana) 
  • N
    •  'Nagamogo' (mirabilis x rafflesiana)
                      'Nago' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x (maxima x
      northiana)) x (thorelii x veitchii))
                      'Nagoya' ((northiana x maxima) x thorelii)
                                  cv. 'Variegata' ((northiana x maxima) x
                      'Nakaccho' (alata x khasiana)
                      'Nakanogo' (mirabilis x rafflesiana)
                      'Nanbara' (bellii x (merrilliana x alata))
                      'Nasu' (thorelii x (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      neglecta (L) = hirsuta
                    'Nel Horner' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                    neocaledonica (H) = vieillardii
                      neoguineensis (L)
                      'Nephelophyllum' = 'Dominiana'
                      'Neufvilliana' = 'Mixta'
                      sp. 'Nighttime Regal' = gracilis
                      nigropurpurea (L) = rafflesiana
                      'Nina Dodd' (bicalcarata x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Nishijimae' ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
                      'Niwa' (thorelii x bellii)
                      'Nobilis' (sanguinea x maxima cv. 'Superba')
                      'Noboriryu' ((maxima x thorelii) x khasiana)
                      nordtiana (L) = northiana
                      northiana var. typica (L)
                                  var. pulchra (L)
                      'Northisii' (northiana x maxima) 
  • O
    •  oblanceolata (H) = maxima
                      'Obrieniana' ((gracilis x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
      x distillatoria)
                      'Oiso' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
                      'Oisoensis' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima cv.
                      'Okazaki' (thorelii x ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Okuyama' (mirabilis x (maxima cv. 'Superba' x
      (northiana x maxima)))
                      'Osborniana' (? x ?)
                      'Otokuni' (ventricosa "f. red" x truncata)
                      'Outramiana' ((gracilis x khasiana) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria))
                      ovata (H) 
  • P
    •  sp. 'Palawan 1'
                      sp. 'Palawan 2'
                      sp. 'Palawan 3'
                      'Pangulubauensis' (mikei x gymnamphora)
                      paniculata (H)
                      papuana (H)
                      'Paradisae' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      pascoensis (L) = mirabilis
                      'Patersonii' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      'Paulii' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x veitchii) x
      (northiana x maxima))
                      pectinata (H) = gymnamphora
                      pervillei (H)
                      'Petersii' ((northiana x maxima) x (veitchii x
                      petiolata (L)
                      'Petra' (ventricosa x (talangensis x carunculata))
                      philippinensis (H)
                      phyllamphora (L) = mirabilis
                      phyllamphora var. macrantha (L) = mirabilis
                      phyllamphora var. pediculata (L) = mirabilis
                      phyllamphora var. platyphylla (L) = mirabilis
                      'Picturata' ((northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
                      pilosa var. typica (H)
                              "var. Batu Lawi, Borneo" (H)
                    'Pisacho' (tobaica x talangensis)
                    'Pitcheri' ((mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
      x ((gracilis x khasiana) x
                                                     (rafflesiana x
                      'Princeps' ((northiana x maxima) x ((northiana x
      maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Prosperity' ((mirabilis x thorelii) x ((northiana
      x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      pumila (H) = sanguinea 
  • R
    •  rafflesiana var. typica (L)
                                  var. alata (L)
                                  var. ambigua (L)
                                  var. elongata (L)
                                  var. glaberrima (L)
                                  var. insignis (L)
                                  var. longicirrhosa (L)
                                  var. minor (L)
                                  var. nigropurpurea (L)
                                  var. nivea (L)
                                  "f. gigantea" (L)
                      rafflesiana-elegans (L)
                      rafflesiana var. excelsior = 'Excelsior'
                      rafflesiana var. hookeriana = x hookeriana
                      raflesea (L) = rafflesiana
                      rajah (H)
                      ramispina (H) = gracillima
                      rancing (H) = gymnamphora
                      'Rapa' (ampullaria x bicalcarata)
                      'Ratcliffiana' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      'Ratzii' ((northiana x maxima) x (veitchii x
                      'Raven' ((mikei x gymnamphora) x gracillima)
                      'Redlanderi' (anamensis x (northiana x maxima))
                      'Red Skelton' = 'Hareliana' cv. 'Red Skelton'
                      reinwardtiana ssp. reinwardtiana "f. green" (L)
                                  "f. red" (L)
                                  ssp. samarindaiensis (L)
                      reinwardtii (L) = reinwardtiana
                      'Remillensis' ((maxima x veitchii) x (northiana x
                      'Remilly' ((maxima x veitchii) x (northiana x
                      'Remillyensis' (maxima x northiana)
                      'Reuthei' ((northiana x maxima) x (sanguinea x
                      rhombicaulis (H)
                      'Robusta' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      'Roeblingii' (? x ?)
                      'Roedigeri' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      'Rokko' (thorelii x maxima)
                      'Ron Determann' (ampullaria x alata)
                      rosulata (H) = gymnamphora
                      'Rouge' = 'Hareliana' cv. 'Rouge'
                      rowanae (L) = mirabilis
                      rubra (H) = distillatoria
                      'Rubromaculata' ((gracilis x khasiana) x veitchii)
                      rubromaculata (H) = glabrata
                      'Rufescens' ((gracilis x (rafflesiana x hirsuta)) x
      distillatoria var. rubra)
                      'Ryaniana' (((anamensis x maxima) x (northiana x
      maxima)) x (thorelii x stenophylla)) 
  • S
    •  'Sachiko' (ventricosa x ampullaria)
                    'Saint Louis' (((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta))
                      'Sakura' (thorelii f. rubra x (northiana x maxima))
                    'Sakuradae' = 'Mixta'
                    sandakanensis (H) = stenophylla
                    sandakanensis var. eglandulosa (H) = stenophylla
                    sandakanensis var. ferruginea (H) = stenophylla
                    sanderi (L) = rafflesiana
                    sanderiana (L) = rafflesiana
                    'Sanglant' (maxima x northiana)
                      sanguinea "f. typica" (H)
                                  "f. black" (H)
                                  "f. red" (H)
                                  "f. all green" (H)
                    'Sanyo' (ventricosa "f. red" x ((maxima cv. 'Superba'
      x (maxima x northiana)) x
                                       (mirabilis x (ampullaria x
                      x sarawakiensis (tentaculata x muluensis)
                      'Saturn' (rafflesiana x albomarginata)
                      'Savageana' (? x ?)
                      'Savannah Rose' (khasiana x ventricosa)
                      'Sedenii' (gracilis x khasiana)
                                  cv. 'Rubra' (gracilis x khasiana)
                      'Seemannii' (? x ?)
                      'Shamenbana' (rafflesiana x thorelii)
                      'Shelburnii' (? x ?)
                      'Sheridaniana' ((anamensis x maxima) x ventricosa)
                      'Shinjiku' = 'Shinjuku'
                      'Shinjuku' ((northiana x maxima) x (mirabilis x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                                  cv. 'Grandifolia' ((northiana x maxima)
      x (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      'Shiojii' ((northiana x maxima) x ((northiana x
      maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Shivas Regal' (sanguinea x tobaica)
                      'Showa' (thorelii x (((gracilis x khasiana) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x 
                                   (sanguinea x khasiana)))
                      'Shunkyuensis' ((rafflesiana x ampullaria) x
      (northiana x maxima)) (uncertain)
                      sibuyanensis (H)
                      'Siebertii' ((northiana x maxima) x (veitchii x
                      'Siebrechtiana' (mirabilis x (gracilis x khasiana))
                      'Simonii' (northiana x (northiana x maxima))
                      singalana (H)
                      'Sir W. T. Dyer' ((northiana x maxima) x
      (rafflesiana x veitchii))
                      smilesii (L) = mirabilis
                      smithii (H) = distillatoria
                      'Snazz Chas' ((mikei x gymnamphora) x spectabilis)
                      sp. 'Sohna' = ?
                      spathulata (H)
                      'Spaxima' (maxima x spathulata)
                      speciosa (H) = distillatoria
                      spectabilis (H)
                      spinosa (H) = gymnamphora
                      'Splendiana' (anamensis x maxima)
                      'Splendida' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      spuria (L) = northiana
                      'Staemmleri' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
      ((northiana x maxima) x maxima))
                      stenophylla (H)
                      'Stewartii' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                      'Sullivanii' (anamensis x khasiana)
                      sumatrana (?)
                      'Supari' (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) x
                      'Superba' ((gracilis x (gracilis x khasiana)) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
                      surigaoensis (L) = merrilliana
                      'Suzue Kondo' ((northiana x maxima) x thorelii) 
  • T
    •  'Takayuki Sakai' (tobaica x thorelii)
                      talangensis (H)
                      'Tametomo' ((maxima x thorelii) x ((maxima x
      northiana) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)))
                      'Taplinii' (? x ?)
                      'Ted Payne' ((northiana x maxima) x maxima)
                      tentaculata var. typica (H)
                                  var. imberbis (H)
                                  var. tomentosa (H)
                      tenuis (L)
                      teysmanniana (L) = gracilis
                      'Thevetii' (maxima x stenophylla)
                      'Thofu' (stenophylla x thorelii)
                      thorelii f. typica (L)
                                f. rubra (L)
                                cv. 'Aglow Koto'
                                cv. 'Felicitous Koto'
                      'Thorpeana' (? x ?)
                      'Tildeniana' (? x ?)
                      'Tinkerii' ((anamensis x ventricosa) x (ventricosa
      x (ventricosa x alata)))
                      'Tiveyi' (maxima cv. 'Superba' x veitchii)
                      tobaica (H)
                    'Tokuyoshi Kondo' ((((rafflesiana x hirsuta) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x 
                                  (rafflesiana x hirsuta)) x rafflesiana)
                      tomentella (L) = albomarginata
                      tomoriana (L)
                      'Toyoshimae' (truncata x thorelii)
                      'Toyotamaensis' ((northiana x maxima) x
                                  cv. 'Inversa' (rafflesiana x (northiana
      x maxima))
                      treubiana (H)
                      trichocarpa (H) = distillatoria
                      x trichocarpa (gracilis x ampullaria)
                                  cv. 'Erythrosticta' (gracilis x
                      'Trina' (ventricosa x inermis)
                      'Truncalata' (truncata x alata)
                      truncata (L)
                      'Truncosa' (truncata x ventricosa)
                      x trusmadiensis (lowii x macrophylla)
                      'Tsangoya' ((alata x merrilliana) x mirabilis)
                      'Tsujimoto' ((sanguinea x khasiana) x (mirabilis x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)))
                      tubulosa (L) = mirabilis
                      sp. 'Tudjuh' (L) = aristolochioides
                      tupmanniana (L) = albomarginata 
  • V
    •  'Vallierae' ((maxima cv. 'Superba' x veitchii) x
      (northiana x maxima))
                      'Vandiana' ((anamensis x maxima) x (anamensis x
                      veitchii  f. typica (H)
                                 f. striata (H)
                                 "var. Batu Lawi" (H)
                                 "var. Sungai Samba" (L)
                      x ventrata (ventricosa x alata)
                      ventricosa f. typica (H)
                                  "f. red" (H)
                                  cv. 'Mekata' (H) ("f. red" x f. typica)
                      'Ventrillima' (ventricosa x gracillima)
                      'Ventrinermis' (inermis x ventricosa)
                      'Venus' (ampullaria x truncata)
                      vieillardii var. typica (H)
                                  var. deplanchei (H)
                                  var. humilis (H)
                                  var. minima (H)
                                  var. montrouzieri (H)
                                  "f. red lower pitchers" (H)
                      'Ville de Rouen' (((gracilis x khasiana) x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) x 
                                  (sanguinea x khasiana))
                      villosa (H)
                      viridis = ?
                      'Vittata' = 'Hareliana' cv. Vittata' 
  • W
    •  'Wadleyana' (? x ?)
                      wardii (H) = pervillei
                      'Washingtoniana' (? x ?)
                      'Weigneri' ((thorelii x maxima) x (rafflesiana x
                      'Whittaeyi' (bellii x ventricosa)
                      'Williamsii' ((gracilis x khasiana) x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria))
                      'Wilsonii' (rafflesiana x (anamensis x ventricosa))
                      'Wittei' (maxima x stenophylla)
                      'Wrigleyana' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x
                                  cv. 'Kosobe' (mirabilis x (rafflesiana
      x ampullaria))
                                  cv. 'Viridescens' (mirabilis x
      (rafflesiana x ampullaria)) 
  • X-Z
    •  xiphioides (H) = gymnamphora
                      'Yakkome' (maxima x veitchii)
                      'Yarosis' ((truncata x alata) x (anamensis x
                      'Yatomi' (thorelii x veitchii)
                      'Yoyogi' (ventricosa x deaniana)
                      zeylanica (H) = distillatoria
                      zeylanica var. rubra (H) = distillatoria
                      'Zonal Koto' = x ventrata 
Note: the Koto series of Nepenthes hybrids were raised by Dr. K. Kawase in Kosobe Botanical Garden, Kyoto University - Koto meaning old capital (Kyoto).
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 Family: Lentibulariaceae
  • A
    •  acuminata
                  acutifolia = villosa
                  agnata = reticulata
                  agnata cv. 'Ekuma' = reticulata cv. 'Ekuma'
                  agnata cv. 'Harold' = reticulata cv. 'Harold'
                  agnata cv. 'J.V.M. I' = reticulata cv. 'J.V.M. I'
                  agnata cv. 'J.V.M. II'  = reticulata cv. 'J.V.M. II'
                  alba = alpina
                  albanica = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  albiflora = alpina
                  albiflora var. villosa = alpina
                  alfredae = heterophylla
                  alpestris = alpina
                  apicola = grandiflora
                  alpina ssp. alpina var. typica
                              var. barcensis
                              var. bimaculata
                              f. brachyloba
                              var. flavescens
                              f. grandiflora
                              var. lendneri
                              var. purpurea
                              var. villosa
                           ssp. eu-alpina
                           ssp. gavei var. typica
                              var. lemaniana
                  aff. alpina 'Krewzeck, Germany'
                  arctica = vulgaris
                  arvetii = leptoceras
                  auricolor = ?
                  australis = pumila
                  sp. 'Ayautla'
                  'Bailly' (rotundifolia x (moranensis x ehlersae)) 
  • B
    •  bakeriana = macrophylla
                  balcana = balcanica
                  balcanica ssp. balcanica var. typica
                              var. tenuilaciniata
                              ssp. pontica
                  barbata = clivorum
                  bicolor = vulgaris f. bicolor
                  bicolor f. gorcensis = vulgaris
                  bohemica = vulgaris
                  borealis = vulgaris
                  brachyloba = alpina
                  breviscapa = macroceras
                  buswellii = pumila 
  • C
    •  caerulea f. typica
                              f. leucantha
                  campanulata = lutea
                  camtschatica = macroceras
                  caudata = moranensis var. caudata
                  cladophila = casabitoana
                  coenocantabrica = grandiflora
                  corsica var. typica
                            var. coerulescens
                            var. grandifolia
                            var. normalis
                            var. pallidula
                  crystallina ssp. crystallina
                              ssp. hirtiflora
                  cuneata = moranensis
  • D
    •  davurica = vulgaris
                  diversifolia = elongata
                  dostalii = vulgaris 
  • E
    •  edentula = lutea
                  ehlersae var. typica
                              var. albiflora
                              var. cyclosecta
                              "var. Santa Catarina"
                              "var. Santa Gertrudis"
                              cv. 'Harold'
                              cv. 'J.V.M. I'
                              cv. 'J.V.M. II'
                  elatior = caerulea
                  eliae = grandiflora
                  elliptica = moranensis
  • F
    •  filifolia
                  filiformis = filifolia
                  flava = lutea
                  flavescens = alpina
                  floridensis = pumila
                  flos-mullionis = moranensis
                  fontiqueriana = grandiflora 
  • G
    •  gelida = alpina
                  'George Sargent' (gypsicola x moranensis var. caudata)
                  gigantea = sp. 'Ayautla'
                  'Gina' (agnata x zecheri)
                  glandulosa = variegata
                             cv. 'Mitras'
                  grandiflora ssp. grandiflora var. typica
                              var. dertosensis
                              var. inaequilobata
                              var. pallida
                              var. reuteri
                              f. chionoptera
                              ssp. arvetii
                              ssp. coenocantrabrica
                              ssp. dertosensis
                              ssp. longifolia
                              ssp. reuteri
                              ssp. rosea var. rosea
                              var. albescens
                  grandiflora var. foliis-oblongos = leptoceras
                  grandiflora var. longifolia = longifolia ssp.
                  grandiflora var. variegata = leptoceras
                  gypsicola f. typica
                              "f. Santa Gertrudis"
                  gypsophila = vulgaris
                  'Hameln' (gypsicola x moranensis) 
  • H
    •  hellwegeri = leptoceras
                  heterophylla ssp. heterophylla
                              ssp. alfredae
                  hintoniorum = ehlersae
                  hirtella = crystallina
                  hirtiflora = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora f. pallida = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora ssp. megaspilacea = crystallina ssp.
                  hirtiflora var. decipiens = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora var. euboea = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora var. gionae = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora var. louisii = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  hirtiflora var. megaspilacea = crystallina ssp.
                  'Huahuapan' = moranensis cv. 'Huahuapan'
                  huilensis = calyptrata
                  x hybrida (alpina x vulgaris)
                  hyperborea = alpina 
  • I
    •  imitatrix
                  inaequilobata = grandiflora
                  involucrata = villosa
  • J
    •  jackii var. jackii
                         var. parviflora
                  jaumavensis = esseriana
                  jorgehintonii = rotundifolia
                  juratensis = grandiflora f. pallida 
  • K
    •  kamischatica = macroceras
                  kewensis = moranensis
                  'Kewensis' (moranensis var. rosei x moranensis var.
                  sp. 'Kirkbright'
  • L
    •  laeta = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  lanii = esseriana
                  lateciliata = cyclosecta
                  laueana f. typica
                             "f. red flower"
                             "f. crimson/purple flower"
                  leptoceras var. typica
                              var. hellwegeri
                              var. lepontina
                              var. tridentina
                              var. variegata
                leptoceras ssp. corsica = corsica
                  leptoceras var. longifolia = longifolia ssp.
                  'LHautil' ((ehlersae x moranensis) x moranensis)
                  lilacina = grandiflora
                  longicornis = vulgaris
                  longiflora = Pedicularis longiflora (non-carnivorous)
                  longifolia ssp. longifolia
                              ssp. caussensis
                              ssp. dertosensis
                              ssp. reichenbachiana
                  longifolia f. vallisneriifolia = vallisneriifolia
                  louisii = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  lutea var. typica
                        f. alba
                        var. edentula
                        var. minor
                        "f. large flower" 
  • M
    •  macrantha = longifolia ssp. caussensis
                  macroceras ssp. macroceras var. macroceras
                              var. microceras
                              "var. Yukon"
                              ssp. nortensis
                  macrophylla = moranensis
                  macrophylla cv. 'Rolf' = moranensis cv. 'Rolf'
                  macrophylla cv. 'Helmut' = moranensis cv. 'Helmut'
                  macrophylla cv. 'Stan' = moranensis cv. 'Stan'
                  macrostyla = involuta
                  magellanica = antarctica
                  'Marciano' (alfredae x (moranensis x ehlersae))
                  megaspilaea = crystallina ssp. hirtiflora
                  merinoana = grandiflora
                  mexicana = moranensis var. mexicana
                  microceras = macroceras
                  'Mitla' (gypsicola x moranensis)
                  'Mola' (moranensis var. caudata x gypsicola)
                  moranensis var. alba (white flowers)
                              var. caudata
                              var. mexicana
                              var. morelia
                              var. neovolcanica
                              var. orchidioides
                              var. rosei
                              var. superba
                              cv. 'Huahuapan'
                              cv. 'Mitla'
                              cv. 'Vera Cruz'
                              "var. Chichicastanango"
                              "var. El Chico"
                              "var. Fraser"
                              "var. Guererro"
                              "var. Huautla"
                              "var. Laguna de Zempocala"
                              "var. La Communidad"
                              "var. La Placita"
                              "var. La Vuelta"
                              "var. Molongo"
                              "var. Oaxaca"
                              "var. Pachuca"
                              "var. Puerto del Aire"
                              "var. San Christobal"
                              "var. Santiago"
                              "var. Tamaulipas"
                              "var. Tehuacan"
  • N
    •  nana = crenatiloba
                  norica = vulgaris 
  • O
    •  oblongiloba
                  obtusa = antarctica
                  obtusiloba = agnata
                  occyptera = vulgaris
                  ovata = vulgaris 
  • P
    •  pallida = alpina
                  sp. 'Pico de Orizaba'
                  primuliflora var. typica
                              "var. Atlanta"
                  sp. 'Puerto del Aire'
                  pulcherrima = colimensis
                  pumila var. typica
                            var. buswellii
                            f. alba
                  purpurea = alpina
                  purpusii = moranensis 
  • R
    •  ramosa f. typica
                            f. albiflora
                  rayonensis = rotundiflora
                  reichenbachiana = longifolia ssp. reichenbachiana
                              cv. 'J.V.M. I'
                              cv. 'J.V.M. II'
                              cv. 'J.V.M. III'
                              cv. '2 Stan'
                  reuteri = grandiflora
                  rosei = moranensis var. rosei
                  rotundifolia = rotundiflora 
  • S
    •  sp. 'Santa Maria, Yucuhiti'
                  'Sargent' (? x ?)
                  scopulorum = lilacina
                  x scullyi (grandiflora x vulgaris)
                  sempervivum = balcanica
                  'Sethos' (ehlersae x moranensis)
                  sibirica = alpina
                  sp. 'Sierra Mazatecus'
                  sierra-obscura var. typica
                              "var. Chichuahua"
                  sodalium = moranensis
                  spathulata = variegata
                  speciosa = grandiflora
                  suaveolens = ?
                  subaequalis = lusitanica
                  submediterranea = longifolia ssp. dertosensis 
  • T
    •  takakii
                  'Tina' = 'Gina'
                  'Titan' (agnata x macrophylla)
                  transsilvanica = vulgaris 
  • U-W
    •  unalaccensis = macroceras
                  'Vera Cruz' = moranensis cv. 'Vera Cruz'
                  villosa f. typica
                           f. albiflora
                  villosa var. ramosa = ramosa
                  violacea = pumila
                  viscosa = lusitanica
                  vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. typica
                              var. albida
                              var. alpestris
                              var. coerulea
                              var. gaveana
                              var. geniuna
                              var. gypsophila
                              var. hirtiflora
                              var. macrantha
                              var. minor
                              var. obtusata
                              var. obtusa
                              var. pallida
                              var. pratensis
                              var. sixtina
                              var. transsilvanica
                              var. uliginosa
                              subvar. major
                              f. albiflora
                              f. brevicalcarata
                              f. coerulescens
                              f. ecalcarata
                              f. micrantha
                              f. semiflava
                              f. variegata
                  vulgaris ssp. alpicola
                              ssp. bicolor
                              ssp. bohemica
                              ssp. euvalgaris
                  vulgaris ssp. grandiflora var. juratensis = grandiflora
      ssp. rosea
                  vulgaris ssp. leptoceras = leptoceras
                  vulgaris ssp. macroceras = macroceras
                  vulgaris ssp. macrouros = macroceras
                  vulgaris ssp. nevadensis = nevadensis
                  vulgaris var. corsica = corsica
                  vulgaris var. olympica = balcanica ssp. pontica
                  vulgaris var. pusilla = corsica
                  vulgaris var. reichenbachiana = longifolia ssp.
                  vulgaris var. variegata = leptoceras
                  'Weser' (moranensis x ehlersae) 
  • Y-Z
    •  yetla
 Family: Lentibulariaceae
Polypompholyx (discontinued genus)
            bicolor = Utricularia simulans
            endlicheri = Utricularia multifida
            exigua = Utricularia tenella
            holtzei = Utricularia holtzei
            laciniata = Utricularia simulans
            latifolia = Utricularia multifida
            latiloba = Utricularia multifida
            longeciliata = Utricularia longeciliata
            madecassa = Utricularia scandens
            multifida = Utricularia multifida
            schomburgkii = Utricularia longeciliata
            tenella = Utricularia tenella
            westonii = Utricularia westonii 
 Family: Martyniacaea
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 Family: Sarraceniaceae
  • A
    •  'Abandoned Hope' = x catesbyi cv. 'Abandoned Hope'
                  acuta = rubra
                  adunca = minor
                  x ahlsii (alata x rubra)
                  'Akebono' = x moorei cv. 'Akebono'
                  alabamensis = rubra ssp. alabamensis
                  alabamensis ssp. wherryi = rubra ssp. wherryi
                  alata f. typica
                         f. biflora
                         f. pubescens
                         var. nigropurpurea
                         "f. black tube"
                         "f. green"
                         "f. red lid"
                         "f. red throat"
                         "f. wavy edge"
                  'Alava' (alata x flava)
                  alba = leucophylla var. alba
                  x areolata (leucophylla x alata)
                  'Arkwrightii' = x moorei cv. 'Arkwrightii'
                  'Asahinishiki' (flava x (alata x leucophylla))
                  ashbridgei = ?
                  'Atkinsoniana' = x catesbyi cv. 'Atkinsoniana'
                  atropurpurea = flava var. atropurpurea
                  atrosanguinea = flava var. atrosanguinea
                  aurea = purpurea ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla
                  'Ayanami' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Ayanami' 
  • B
    •  'Beniaya' ((purpurea x leucophylla) x leucophylla)
                  'Benigoromo' (? x purpurea)
                  'Beniotome' ((minor x psittacina) x leucophylla)
                  'Benizono' = x harperi
                  'Black Tube' = alata "f. black tube"
                  'Brooks Hybrid' = x moorei cv. 'Brooks Hybrid'
                  'Brucei' = x moorei cv. 'Brucei'
                  buchanii = ?
                  'Burgundy' =  flava cv. 'Burgundy' 
  • C
    •  calceolata = psittacina
                  x cantabridgiensis = x excellens
                  'Carolii-schmidtii' ((purpurea x rubra) x purpurea)
                  'Carolina Cooler' = x catesbyi cv. 'Carolina Cooler'
                  x catesbaei = x catesbyi
                  x catesbyi (flava x purpurea ssp. venosa)
                              cv. 'Abandoned Hope' (purpurea ssp. venosa
      var. burkii x flava)
                              cv. 'Atkinsoniana' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Carolina Cooler' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Dormeri' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Elbiana' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Green' (flava "var. green" x purpurea
      ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla)
                              cv. 'Porphyroneura' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Sun Warrior' (flava x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Wilsonii' (flava x purpurea)
                  x chelsonii (purpurea x rubra)
                  'Claret' = flava cv. 'Claret'
                  'Claytonii' (? x ?)
                  'Comptonensis' (alata x 'Willisii')
                  'Cookiana' = 'Exculta'
                  'Cotton Patch' = x farnhamii cv. 'Cotton Patch'
                  x courtii (purpurea x psittacina)
                              cv. 'All Green' (purpurea ssp. purpurea f.
      heterophylla x psittacina f. heterophylla)
                              cv. 'Sanguinea' (purpurea x psittacina)
                              cv. 'Snorkle' (psittacina x purpurea)
                  crispata = alata
                  'Crispata' = x harperi cv. 'Crispata' 
  • D
    •  'Daniel Rudd' (leucophylla x (leucophylla x (flava var.
      maxima x purpurea)))
                  'Darcy Ann' (flava x psittacina)
                  'Dark Ladies' = minor cv. 'Dark Ladies'
                  'Decora' = x formosa cv. 'Decora'
                  'Diesneriana' ((psittacina x purpurea) x flava)
                  'Dixie Lace' ((leucophylla x rubra ssp. wherryi) x
      (psittacina x purpurea))
                  'Don Schnell' = oreophila cv. 'Don Schnell'
                  'Dormeri' = x catesbyi cv. 'Dormeri'
                  drummondii = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. alba = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. albiflora = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. atropurpurea = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. major = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. rubra = leucophylla
                  drummondii var. undulata = leucophylla 
  • E
    •  'Edojiman' (? x ?)
                  'Elbiana' = x catesbyi cv. 'Elbiana'
                  erythropus = flava var. erythropus
                  'Evendine' (leucophylla x (flava x purpurea))
                  x excellens (leucophylla x minor)
                              cv. 'Kyokanoko' (leucophylla x minor)
                              cv. 'Lochness' (leucophylla x minor)
                  'Exculta' (purpurea x (flava x minor))
                              cv. 'Exsculpta' (purpurea x (flava x
                  'Exoniensis' = x exornata cv. 'Exoniensis'
                  x exornata (purpurea x alata)
                              cv. 'Exoniensis' (purpurea x alata)
                              cv. 'Lynda Butt' (purpurea x alata)
                              cv. 'Moor's Melody' (purpurea x alata)
                              cv. 'Peaches' (purpurea x alata)
                  'Exsculpta' = 'Exculta' cv. 'Exsculpta'
                  'Extreme Unction' (minor x ((purpurea x flava) x flava) 
  • F
    •  x farnhamii (leucophylla x rubra)
                              cv. 'Cotton Patch' (leucophylla x rubra
      ssp. wherryi)
                  fildesii = flava
                  x flambeau = x swaniana
                  flava var. flava  (the typica variety - deep red to
      purple inside throat with some radiating venation)
                         var. cuprea  (the "Copper Lid" variety)
                         var. atropurpurea  (the '"All Red" variety - lid
      and exterior deep red, interior pale tan)
                         var. maxima  (green pitchers with no red
      venation: some red at base of pitcher)
                         var. ornata  (previously called "Heavily Veined"
                         var. rubricorpora  (pitcher externally dark red,
      internally yellowish-buff: lid yellow-green with prominent red
                         var. rugelii  (similar to var. flava but little
      radiating venation, pitcher top more expanded, and larger lid)
                         "var. red tube/green lid"
                         cv. 'Burgundy'
                         cv. 'Claret'
                         cv. 'Marston Dwarf'
                  flava "var. All Red" = flava var. atropurpurea
                  flava cv. "Copper Lid" = flava var. cuprea
                  flava "var. Green" = flava var. maxima
                  flava "var. Heavily Veined" = flava var. ornata
                  flava var. catesbaei = oreophila
                  flava var. crispata = alata
                  flava var. oreophila = oreophila
                  flava var. picta = alata
                  x formosa (minor x psittacina)
                              cv. 'Decora' (psittacina x minor)
                              cv. 'Maddisonia' (psittacina x minor)
                              cv. 'Maddisoniana' (psittacina x minor)
                  'Friar Tuck' = x swaniana cv. 'Friar Tuck' 
  • G
    •  galeata = minor
                  'Genyu' ((leucophylla x purpurea) x (minor x purpurea))
                  'Georgiana' ((purpurea x (purpurea x rubra)) x (minor x
                  gibbosa = purpurea
                  x gilpinii (rubra x psittacina)
                              cv. 'Yellow Flower' (rubra x psittacina)
                  grandiflora = purpurea
                  gronovii = flava
                  gronovii var. alata = alata
                  gronovii var. drummondii = leucophylla
                  gronovii var. flava = flava
                  gronovii var. rubra = rubra 
  • H
    •  'Hagoromo' (? x flava)
                  x harperi (flava x minor)
                              cv. 'Crispata' (flava x minor)
                  'Harukaze' ((flava x purpurea) x purpurea))
                  'Harunomae' = x moorei cv. 'Harunomae'
                  heterophylla = purpurea ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla 
  • I-J
    •  'Illustrata' (alata x (flava x purpurea))
                  intermedia = alata
                  'Jambalaya' (? x ?)
                  jonesii = rubra ssp. jonesii
                  'Judith Hindle' ((leucophylla x flava) x purpurea)
                  'Judy' (minor x (leucophylla x minor)) 
  • K
    •  'Kaen' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Kaen'
                  'Kasanenishiki' = leucophylla
                  'Kaufmanniana' ((purpurea x rubra) x purpurea))
                  'Kiyohime' ((leucophylla x purpurea) x (flava x
                  'Kurenai' (? x ?)
                  'Kyodainishiki' (leucophylla x ?)
                  'Kyokanoko' = x excellens cv. 'Kyokanoko'
                  'Kyonishiki' (((purpurea x leucophylla) x (leucophylla
      x alata)) x leucophylla) 
  • L
    •  laciniata = leucophylla
                  lacunosa = leucophylla
                  'Ladies-in-Waiting' ((leucophylla x (rubra x
                  'Lamentations' (? x ?)
                  'Laschkei' ((purpurea x psittacina) x (flava x
                  leucophylla var. typica
                              var. alba
                              var. pubescens
                              "var. short pitcher, deep red veins"
                              "var. green veins, yellow flower"
                              cv. 'Kasanenishiki'
                              cv. 'Tarnok'
                  leucophylla cv. 'Ruby Joyce' = 'Ruby Joyce'
                  'Lochness' = x excellens cv. 'Lochness'
                  'Luschkei' ((purpurea x psittacina) x (flava x
                  'Lynda Butt' = x exornata cv. 'Lynda Butt' 
  • M
    •  macrophylla = ?
                  'Maddisonia' = x formosa cv. 'Maddisonia'
                  'Maddisoniana' = x formosa cv. 'Maddisoniana'
                  'Mandana' = x moorei cv. 'Mandana'
                  'Marston Clone' = x moorei cv. 'Marston Clone'
                  'Marston Dwarf' = flava cv. 'Marston Dwarf'
                  'Marston Mill' ((leucophylla x (flava x purpurea)) x
                  media = rubra
                  'Melanorhoda' ((flava x purpurea) x purpurea)
                  'Mesoniana' (? x ?)
                  mexicana = leucophylla
                  'Milata' = 'Miniata' cv. 'Milata'
                  'Mineophila' (minor x oreophila)
                  'Miniata' (minor x alata)
                              cv. 'Milata' (alata x minor)
                  minor var. typica
                          var. multipetala
                          "var. green"
                          "var. Okefenokee giant"
                          cv. 'Dark Ladies'
                  'Miss Hyroko' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Miss Hyroko'
                  x mitchelliana (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Ayanami' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Kaen' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Miss Hyroko' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Patersoniana' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Red Lips' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Tolliana' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Wilsoniana' (leucophylla x purpurea)
                  'Mixta' ((alata x oreophila) x leucophylla)
                  x mooreana = x moorei
                  x moorei (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Akebono' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Arkwrightii' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Brooks Hybrid' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Brucei' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Harunomae' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Mandana' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Marston Clone' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Seiunkaku' (leucophylla x flava)
                              cv. 'Shiun' (leucophylla x flava)
                  'Moores Melody' = x exornata 
  • N
    •  'Nagamoto' (? x ?)
                  nigra = rubra
                  'Nikko' = purpurea ssp. venosa
                  nutans = Heliamphora nutans 
  • O
    •  'Ohedo' ((leucophylla x flava) x alata)
                  oreophila f. typica
                              "f. heavily veined"
                              "f. Sand Mountain"
                              cv. 'Don Schnell' 
  • P
    •  parviflora = purpurea ssp. venosa
                  'Patersoniana' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Patersoniana'
                  x patersonii = x catesbyi
                  x popei (rubra x flava)
                  'Porphyroneura' = x catesbyi cv. 'Porphyroneura'
                  psittacina var. typica
                              var. minor
                              f. heterophylla
                              "var. giant"
                              "var. green pitcher, red flower"
                              "var. orange flower"
                              "var. pink flower"
                              "var. yellow flower"
                  'Psittiata' (alata x psittacina)
                  pulchella = psittacina
                  'Pureophila' (oreophila x purpurea)
                  purpurea ssp. purpurea f. typica
                              f. heterophylla
                              f. incisa
                              f. plena
                              ssp. venosa var. typica
                              var. burkii f. typical (pink petals)
                              f. luteola (yellow flower)
                              var. ripicola
                              f. heterophylla
                              "var. Chipola"
                              "f. small leaf"
                              cv. 'Nikko'
                  purpurea var. terrae-novae f. heterophylla = purpurea
      ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla
                  purpurea ssp. purpurea var. riplicola = purpurea ssp.
                  purpurea ssp. gibbosa = purpurea ssp. purpurea 
  • R
    •  x readii (leucophylla x rubra)
                  x rehderi (minor x rubra)
                  'Robin Louise' (alata x psittacina)
                  rubra ssp. rubra var. typica
                              "var. Atlantic coast tall"
                         ssp. alabamensis f. typica
                              "f. red"
                         ssp. gulfensis f. typica
                              f. alba
                              "f. giant"
                         ssp. jonesii f. typica
                              f. heterophylla
                         ssp. wherryi f. typica
                              f. pubescens
                              "f. yellow flower"
                              "f. giant"
                  rubra ssp. acuminata = rubra ssp. rubra
                  'Ruby Joyce' (leucophylla x ?)
                  rugelii = flava var. rugelii 
  • S
    •  'Sanderae' (leucophylla x ((flava x minor) x purpurea))
                  'Sanderiana' (leucophylla x (leucophylla x rubra))
                  'Sanguinea' = x courtii
                  'Sazareishi' (? x ?)
                  'Schoenbrunnensis' ((purpurea x psittacina) x ((flava x
      minor) x purpurea))
                  'Seiran' (leucophylla x ?)
                  'Seiunkaku' = x moorei cv. 'Seiunkaku'
                  'Shiun' = x moorei cv. 'Shiun'
                  sledgei = alata
                  'Snorkle' = x courtii cv. 'Snorkle'
                  x stevensii = x catesbyi
                  'Sultry Maid' (? x ?)
                  'Sun Warrior' = x catesbyi
                  'Superba' ((leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla)
                  x swaniana (minor x purpurea)
                              cv. 'Friar Tuck' (minor x purpurea)
                  sweetii = rubra 
  • T
    •  'Tarnok' = leucophylla cv. 'Tarnok'
                  'Tatsunami' (((purpurea x leucophylla) x (purpurea x
      minor)) x psittacina)
                  terrae-novae = purpurea
                  'Tolliana' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Tolliana'
                  "Top Hat" (rubra ssp. rubra (purpurea ssp. venosa x
                  'Tricia' (flava x alata) 
  • U
    •  'Umlauftiana' ((purpurea x psittacina) x (leucophylla x
                  undulata = leucophylla
                  undulata var. alba = leucophylla 
  • V-W
    •  variolaris = minor
                  venosa = purpurea ssp. venosa
                  'Vetteriana' ((flava x (flava x purpurea)) x (flava x
                  viridis = purpurea
                  'Vittata' (purpurea x (purpurea x rubra))
                  'Vittata-maculata' (purpurea x (purpurea x rubra))
                  'Vogeliana' ((purpurea x psittacina) x (flava x
                  'Westphalii' (((leucophylla x purpurea) x (flava x
      leucophylla)) x leucophylla)
                  x williamsii = x catesbyi
                  'Willisii' (parentage uncertain - ref. Slack
      'Insect-Eating Plants & How to grow them', page 84.)
                  'Willmottae' = 'Melanorhoda'
                  'Wilsoniana' = x mitchelliana cv. 'Wilsoniana'
                  'Wilsonii' = x catesbyi cv. 'Wilsonii'
                  x wrigleyana (leucophylla x psittacina) 
 Family: Dioncophyllaceae
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 Family: Lentibulariaceae
  • A
    •  aberrans = welwitschii
                  acicularis = bisquamata
                  acuta = graminifolia
                  adenantha = amethystina
                  affinis = uliginosa
                  affinis f. albida = uliginosa
                  affinis var. griffithii = uliginosa
                  afromontana = livida
                  alata = bifida
                  alba = gibba
                  albiflora var. quinquedentata = quinquedentata
                  albina = caerulea
                  alutacea = amethystina
                  amazonasana = hydrocarpa
                  ambigua = gibba
                  amethystina f. typica
                              f. alutacea
                  amoena = myriocista
                  amphibia = gibba
                  andicola = livida
                  angolensis = subulata
                  angulosa = juncea
                  angustifolia = hispida
                  anomala = gibba
                  anthropophora = striatula
                  antirrhinoides = bifida
                  aphylla = gibba
                  appressa = adpressa
                  aquatica = australis
                  arboricola = reniformis
                  arenicola = nana
                  arenicola var. kavanayena = nana
                  arnica = lateriflora
                  arrojadensis = longifolia
                   aurea f. typica
                           f. inmaculata
                   aurea var. multiflora = sandersonii
                  aureola = adpressa
                  aureolimba = adpressa
                  australis f. typica
                              f. fixa
                              f. tenuicaulis
                  ayacuchae = cucullata 
  • B
    •  baldwinii = hispida
                  bangweolensis = reflexa var. reflexa
                  baoulensis = foveolata
                  barbata = chrysantha
                  barnesii = minutissima
                  baueri = caerulea
                  baumii = spiralis
                  baumii var. leptocheilos = spiralis
                  bentensis = bremii
                  benthamii "f. pink flower"
                              "f. white flower"
                  bicolor = amethystina
                  bifida var.bosminifera = bosminifera
                  bifida var.  wallichiana = scandens
                  bifidocalcar = gibba
                  biflora = gibba
                  billardieri = dichotoma
                  bipartita = gibba
                  x biseriata = vulgaris
                  bisquamata "f. violet, white, and yellow flower"
                              "f. white flower"
                  blanchetti "f. white flower"
                              "f. purple flower"
                  blumei =  aurea
                  bolivarana = amethystina
                  botecudorum = foliosa
                  brachyceras = bisquamata
                  brachypoda = uliginosa
                  bradei = subulata
                  bramadensis = longifolia
                  brehmii = bremii
                  bremei = bremii
                  bremii f. typica
                           f. aquatilis
                           f. platyloba
                           f. stagnalis
                           f. terristris
                  brevicaulis = bifida
                  brevicornis = ochroleuca
                  brevilabris = minutissima
                  brevilabris var.  parviflora = minutissima
                  sp. 'Brisbane'
                  bryophila = mannii
                  bryophylla = mannii
                  butanensis = foliosa 
  • C
    •  caerulea var. typica
                              var. filicaulis
                              "var. Beerwah, Queensland"
                              "var. Darwin" tall form, flowers whorled
      and pale-violet
                  caerulea var. affinis = uliginosa
                  caerulea var. conferta = graminifolia
                  caerulea var. graminifolia = graminifolia
                  caerulea var. smithiana = smithiana
                  caerulea var. squamosa = wrightiana
                  caerulea var. squamosa = wightiana
                  caerulea var. stricticaulis = polygaloides
                  calliphysa = minutissima
                  sp. 'Caloundra'
                  calumpitensis = aurea
                  calycifida var. alba
                              "var. purple"
                  sp. 'Caminho do Mar, Brazil'
                  campbelliana var. typica
                              var. minor
                  campestris = caerulea
                  canacorum = novae-zelandiae
                  capensis var. typica = bisquamata
                  capensis var. brevicalcarata = bisquamata
                  capensis var. elatior = bisquamata
                  sp. 'Cape York'
                  capillacea = minutissima
                  capillaris = subulata
                  cavalerii = caerulea
                  cearana = erectiflora
                  ceratophylla = inflata
                  ceratophylloides = limosa
                  cernua = foliosa
                  cervicornuta = benjaminiana
                  chamissonis = tricolor
                  charnleyensis = caerulea
                  charoidea = reflexa var. reflexa
                  chiakiana = gibba
                  chrysantha var. typica
                              "var. Darwin, Northern Territory"
                              "var. Noonamah, NT"
                              "f. lower lip yellow, burnt orange centre"
      (Noonamah, NT)
                  clandestina = geminiscapa
                  cleistogama = subulata
                  coccinea = hydrocarpa
                  coerulea = caerulea
                  colensoi = novae-zelandiae
                  colorata = laxa
                  complanata = caerulea
                  compressa = ?
                  concinna = jamesoniana
                  conferta = gibba
                  confervifolia = aurea
                  confervoides = aurea
                  congesta = simulans
                  congesta f. deminutiva = simulans
                  connellii = pubescens
                  cornuta var. michauxii = juncea
                  crenata = gibba
                  cuspidata = calycifida
                  cutleri = viscosa
                  cyanea = uliginosa
  • D
    •  damazioi = amethystina
                  dawsonii = amethystina
                  decipiens = uliginosa
                  deightonii = pubescens
                  delicata = bisquamata
                  delicatula "var. Ahipara, New Zealand"
                              "var. Whangamarino Swamp, New Zealand"
                  delphinioides var. typica
                              var. minor
                  dentata = praelonga
                  denticulata = livida
                  diantha = gibba
                  dicardia = erectiflora
                  dichotoma ssp. dichotoma var. typica
                              var. alba (white flower)
                              ssp. uniflora var. typica
                              "var. Sydney, NSW"
                              "var. Esperance, Western Australia" (tall
      affixed aquatic)
                  diflora = gibba
                  diploglossa = reflexa var. reflexa
                  dissectifolia = flaccida
                  dregei = livida
                  dregei var. stricta = livida
                  dubia = nana
                  dubia var. ochroleuca = ochroleuca
                  dunstani = dunstaniae
                  dusenii = nephrophylla
                  dusenii var. corcovadensis = nephrophylla 
  • E
    •  eburnea = livida
                  ecalcarata = cymbantha
                  ecklonii = bisquamata
                  elachista = uliginosa
                  elegans = gibba
                  elephas = cucullata
                  elevata = livida
                  elevata var. macovanii = livida
                  elmeri = heterosepala
                  emarginata = gibba
                  engleri = livida
                  equiseticaulis = graminifolia
                  evrardii = minutissima
                  exigua = subulata
                  exilis = bisquamata
                  exilis var. arenaria = arenaria
                  exilis var. bryoides = arenaria
                  exilis var. ecklonii = arenaria
                  exilis var. elatior = arenaria
                  exilis var. hirsuta = arenaria
                  exilis var. minor = arenaria
                  exilis var. nematoscapa = arenaria
                  exoleta = gibba
                  exoleta f. terrestris = gibba
                  exoleta f. lusitanica = gibba
                  extensa = aurea 
  • F
    •  falcata = tortilis
                  fasciculata = aurea
                  fernaldiana = pubescens
                  fibrosa = gibba
                  filicaulis = caerulea
                  filicaulis var. papillosa = caerulea
                   filiformis = subulata
                  fissa = ?
                  flava = chrysantha
                  flexuosa = aurea
                  flexuosa var. blumei = aurea
                  flexuosa var. parviflora = stellaris
                  flexuosa var. gracilis = aurea
                  floribunda = ?
                  fluitans = punctata
                  fluviatalis = punctata
                  fockeana = hydrocarpa
                  foliosa var. typica
                            var. gracilis
                            var. oligosperma
                  fontana = tricolor
                  forgetiana = longifolia
                  fornicata = gibba
                  furcata = gibba
                  furcellata var. typica
                              var. minor
                  fusiformis = tricolor 
  • G
    •  galloprovincialis = australis
                  gayana = gibba
                  genliseoides = amethystina
                  gentryi = livida
                  gibba ssp. gibba f. typica
                              f. natans
                         ssp. exoleta
                  gibbosa = gibba
                  gibbsiae = scandens ssp. scandens
                  giletti = benjaminiana
                  glandulosa = Genlisea violacea
                  glazioviana = neottioides
                  globulariifolia = tricolor
                  globulariifolia var. caudata = tricolor
                  globulariifolia var. minor = tricolor
                  glochidiata = striatula
                  glueckii = hispida
                  goebelii = purpureocaerulea
                  gomezii = tricolor
                  gracilis = gibba
                  grafiana = intermedia
                  grandiflora = alpina
                  grandivesiculosa = reflexa var. reflexa
                  graniticola = pubescens
                  greenei = resupinata
                  griffithii = uliginosa
                  guianensis = foliosa
                  gyrans = tortilis 
  • H
    •  hamiltonii var. typica
                              "var. Noonamah, Northern Territory"
                  harlandii = striatula
                  hertzogii = neottioides
                  hians = prehensilis
                  hirta var. typica
                         var. elongata
                  hirtella = amethystina
                  hispida f. typica
                            "f. pale-yellow flower"
                  hoehnei = warmingii
                  holzii = quinquedentata
                  hookeri = benthamii
                  huillensis = prehensilis
                  humbertiana = livida
                  humbertiana var. andringitrensis = livida
                  humboldtii f. typica
                              f. cuneata
                  humilis = livida
                  hydrocotyloides = pubescens 
  • I
    •  ianthina = reniformis
                  ibarensis = livida
                  imerinensis = reflexa var. reflexa
                  incerta = australis
                  inflata var. minor = radiata
                  inflata var. radiata = radiata
                   inflexa var. typica
                            var. major
                            var. remota
                            var. tenuifolia
                   inflexa var. stellaris = stellaris
                  integra = gibba
                  intermedia f. typica
                              f. aquatilis
                              f. conica
                              f. elatior
                              f. longirostris
                              f. stagnalis
                              f. terristris
                              var. genuina
                              var. grafiana
                              var. kochiana
                              var. stagnalis
                  intermedia var. robbinsii = macrorhiza
                  intermedia f. ochroleuca = ochroleuca
                  x (intermedia x minor) = ochroleuca
                  x (intermedia x ochroleuca) = ochroleuca
                  x (intermedia x vulgaris) = vulgaris
                  intricata = uliginosa
                  itatiaiae = geminiloba 
  • J
    •  jamesoniana
                  jankae = australis
                  janthina = reniformis
                  japonica = australis
                  jaquatibensis = longifolia
                  sp. 'Johore' = aurea
                  juncea f. typica
                           f. minima
                           f. virgatula 
  • K
    •  kaieteurensis = amethystina
                  kalmaloensis = gibba
                  kerrii = caerulea
                  khasiana = gibba
                  kirkii = arenaria
                  kochiana = intermedia
                  kromeri = reniformis
                  kuhlmannii = trichophylla
  • L
    •  laciniata var. typica
                              var. poeppigiana
                  lagoensis = breviscapa
                  lateriflora "f. mauve flower"
                              "f. large flower"
                  aff. lateriflora 'large single mauve flower - Tasmania'
                  latilabiata = inaequalis
                  latiloba = multifida
                  lawsonii = biloba
                  laxa var. typica
                        var. gaudichuadii
                  lehmanni = bisquamata
                  leptantha = pusilla
                  leptoplectra "f. outer corolla surface yellow"
                              "f. outer corolla surface white"
                  lilacina = uliginosa
                  lilliput = minutissima
                  limosa f. typica
                           "f. tall plant"
                  linarioides = welwitschii
                  lindmanii = amethystina
                  linearifolia = inaequalis
                  linearioides = welwitschii
                  lingulata = nana
                  x litoralis = ochroleuca
                  livida var. typica
                          var. engleri
                          var. micrantha
                          var. pauciflora
                  lobata = livida
                  longecalcarata = livida
                  longeciliata var. rubrocalcarata = fimbriata
                  longifolia ssp. longifolia var. typica
                              var. paludosa
                              ssp. forgetiana
                  longirostris = gibba
                  longissima = ?
                  luetzelburgii = poconensis
                  lundii = praelonga 
  • M
    •  macerrima = hispida
                  macrocarps = aurea
                  macroceras = menziesii
                  macrolepis = scandens
                  macrolipis = macrolepis
                  macrophylla = uliginosa
                  macroptera = ochroleuca
                  macrorhyncha = gibba
                  madagascariensis = livida
                  magnavesica = reflexa var. reflexa
                  magnifica = myriocista
                  maguirei = calycifida
                  mairii = australis
                  major = australis
                  malabarica = praeterita
                  malmeana = cucullata
                  marcelliana = subulata
                  mauroyae = livida
                  maxima = reniformis
                  media = subulata
                  menziesii var. typica (red flower)
                              "f. white flower" (Albany area)
                              var. macroceras
                  micrantha = erectiflora
                  microcarpa = pusilla
                  micropetala var. macrocheilos = macrocheilos
                  millefolia = intermedia
                  millefolium = intermedia
                  minima = olivacea
                  minor f. typica
                          f. aquatilis
                          f. brevipedicellata
                          f. gracilis
                          f. major
                          f. montana
                          f. natans
                          f. platyloba
                          f. pseudobremii
                          f. stagnalis
                          f. stricta
                          f. terristris
                          var. multispinosa
                  minor ssp. bremii = bremii
                  minor var. bremii = bremii
                  minor var. grandiflora = bremii
                  minutissima f. typica
                              f. albiflora
                  mixta = foliosa
                  modesta = amethystina
                  monantha = tricolor
                  monanthos var. typica (violet flower)
                              "f. white flower"
                              "var. Tasmania"
                              "var. Stewart Island, New Zealand"
                  monophylla = arenaria
                  montana = alpina
                  moorei = dichotoma
                  multifida var. typica (pale to dark pink flower)
                              "f. white flower" (Albany)
                              var. hugeliana
                  multiflora = subulata
                  multispinosa = minor var. multispinosa
                  muricata = breviscapa
                  muscosa = calycifida
                  mutata = australis
  • N
    •  nagurae = gibba
                  natans = gibba
                  natans var. rigida = gibba
                  nayarii = uliginosa
                  neglecta f. typica = australis
                  neglecta f. crassicaulis = australis
                  neglecta f. gracilis = australis
                  neglecta f. platypoda = australis
                  neglecta f. platyphylla = australis
                  neglecta f. gallaecica = australis
                  neglecta f. jankea = australis
                  neglecta var. macroptera = ochroleuca
                  nelumbifolia var. typica
                              var. macahensis
                  neottioides var. pedicellata = oliveriana
                  nepalensis = minor
                  nervosa var. capillaris = triloba
                  nervosa var. minor = subulata
                  sp. 'New Zealand'
                  nigricaulis = minutissima
                  nipponica = minutissima
                  nipponica f. albiflora = minutissima
                  nivea = caerulea
                  nivea var. caerulea = caerulea
                  nivea var. rosea = caerulea
                  nivea var.  wallichiana = caerulea
                  novae-zelandiae "var. Lake Ohia, New Zealand"
                              "var. Kopuatai, New Zealand"
                              "var. Whangamarino, New Zealand"
                  sp. 'N.S.W. Aquatic'
                  sp. 'N.S.W. Terrestrial'
                  nummuleria = ? 
  • O
    •  obovata = Genlisea repens
                  obscura = caerulea
                  obsoleta = subulata
                  obtusa = gibba
                  obtusata = gibba
                  obtusiloba = caerulea
                  occidentalis = ochroleuca
                  ochroleuca f. typica
                              f. aquatilis
                              f. stagnalis
                              f. terristris
                              var. microceras
                  odontosperma = livida
                  officinalis = vulgaris
                  ogmosperma = arcuata
                  oligocista = subulata
                  oligosperma = foliosa
                  oliveri = inflexa
                  oliveri var. fimbriata = inflexa
                  oliveri var. schweinfurthii = inflexa
                  oliveriana f. typica
                              f. parva
                  olygosperma = foliosa
                  ophirensis = caerulea
                  oppositiflora = dichotoma
                  oppositifolia = dichotoma
                  orbiculata = striatula
                  orinocensis = simulans
                  oryzetorum = reticulata
                  ostenii = tridentata 
  • P
    •  pachyceras = singeriana
                  palatina = cucullata
                  pallens = gibba
                  pallens f. fixa = gibba
                  pallens var. natans = gibba
                  pallescens = gibba
                  papillosa = pubescens
                  paradoxa = spiralis var. spiralis
                  parkeri = bisquamata
                  parkeriana = gibba
                   parviflora = graminifolia
                  pauciflora = gibba
                  peckii = guyanensis
                  pectinata = longeciliata
                  pedicellata = graminifolia
                  peltata = pubescens
                  peltatifolia = pubescens
                  perminata = violacea
                  perpusilla = subulata
                  personata = juncea
                  philetas = striatula
                  picta = hispidula
                  pilifera = reflexa var. reflexa
                  pilosa = aurea
                  pinetorum = Genlisea filiformis
                  platyptera = reflexa var. reflexa
                  pollichii = australis
                  polyschista = praelonga
                  porphyrophylla = incisa
                  prehensilis var. typica
                              var. hians
                              var. huillensis
                              var. linguata
                  prehensilis var. parviflora = andongensis
                  preissii = multifida
                  protrusa = australis
                  pterocalycina = odorata
                  pterosperma = gibba
                  puberula = pubescens
                  pulchella = bremii
                  pulcherrima = myriocista
                  pumila = subulata
                  punctifolia = amethystina
                  purpurascens = graminifolia
                  purpurea f. purpurea
                              f. alba
                  pusilla var. typica
                           var. itapavensis
                  pygmaea = minutissima 
  • Q
    •  quadricarinata = prehensilis
                  quinqueradiata = breviscapa 
  • R
    •  racemosa = caerulea
                  racemosa var. filicaulis = caerulea
                  racemosa f. leucantha = caerulea
                  racemosa var. rosea = caerulea
                  ramosa = bifida
                  reclinata = aurea
                  recurva = bifida
                  reflexa var. reflexa
                            var. parviflora
                  regnellii = pubescens
                  rehmannii = bisquamata
                  rendlei = subulata
                  reniformis var. typica
                              var. kromeri
                              var. minor
                  reticulata var. typica
                              var. parviflora
                  reticulata var. stricticaulis = uliginosa
                  reticulata var. uliginosa = uliginosa
                  rhodocnemis = foliosa
                  rhyterophylla = longifolia
                  rhytrophylla = longifolia
                  riccioides = gibba
                  robbinsii = macrorhiza
                  rogersiana = minor
                  roraimensis = amethystina
                  rosa-purpurea = caerulea
                  rosea = caerulea
                  roseopurpurea = caerulea
                  rosulata = striatula
                  rotundifolia = tricolor
                  roxburghii = gibba
                  rubra = tridentata
                  rubricaulis = guyanensis 
  • S
    •  saccata = purpurea
                  sacciformis = australis
                  saharunporensis = gibba
                  salzmanni = hydrocarpa
                  sampathii = caerulea
                  sandersonii var. typica
                              var. treubii
                  sanguinea = livida
                  sanguinea var. minor = livida
                  saudadensis = geminiloba
                   scandens ssp. scandens
                              ssp. schweinfurthii
                   scandens var. capillacea = minutissima
                   scandens ssp. firmula = recta
                  schimperi = jamesoniana
                  schinzii = bisquamata
                  schweinfurthii = scandens ssp. schweinfurthii
                  sciaphila = pubescens
                  sclerocarpa = juncea
                  secunda = gibba
                  selloi = amethystina
                  sellowii = nana
                  sematophora = livida
                  setacea = subulata
                  siakujiiensis = australis
                  siamensis = minutissima
                  similis = multifida
                  sinuata = livida
                  sootepensis = caerulea
                  sp. 'South Africa'
                  spartea = livida
                  spartea var. marojejensis = livida
                  spartea var. subspicata = livida
                  spartioides = livida
                  spatulata = amethystina
                  spatulifolia = amethystina
                  speciosa = dichotoma
                  spectabilis = australis
                  spicata = erectiflora
                  spiralis var. typica
                            var. maculata
                  spiralis var. pobeguinii = pobeguinii
                  spiralis var. tortilis = tortilis
                  spirandra = gibba
                  spiricaulis = reticulata
                  sprengelii = bisquamata
                  sprengelii var. acuticeras = bisquamata
                  sprengelii var. humilis = livida
                  squamosa = wightiana
                  standleyae = amethystina
                  stapfiana = ?
                  stellaris var. typica
                              var. breviscapa
                              var. coromandeliana
                              var. dilatata
                              var. filiformis
                  stellaris var. inflexa = inflexa
                  stephensiae = cymbantha
                  stolonifera = amethystina
                  striata var. typica
                           var. torreyi
                  striatula var. typica
                              var. minor
                  stricta = juncea
                  stricticaulis = polygaloides
                  strumosa = bisquamata
                  suaveolens = rigida
                  subpeltata = pubescens
                  subrecta = graminifolia
                  subsessilis = firmula
                  subsimilis = novae-zelandiae
                  subulata var. typica
                              var. inaequalis
                              var. minuta
                              var. tridenticulata
                              var. cleistogama
                              f. minor
                  sumatrana = gibba
                  superba = Genlisea  aurea
                  surinamensis = simulans
                  taikankoensis = striatula 
  • T
    •  sp. 'Taylor 17003 K'
                  tayloriana = hirta
                  tenella f. typica (pink flower)
                           "f. white flower" (Hyden, W.A.)
                  tenerrima = foveolata
                  tenuicaulis = australis
                  tenuifolia = gibba
                  tenuis = gibba
                  tenuis var. poeppigii = gibba
                  tenuiscapa = subulata
                  tepuiana = amethystina
                  ternata = tridentata
                  tertia = pusilla
                  thomasii = pubescens
                  thonningii = inflexa
                  thonningii var. laciniata = inflexa
                  thonningii var. major = inflexa
                  tinguensis = gibba
                  'Tomoku' (alpina x endresii)
                  tortilis var. typica
                           var. andongensis
                  transrugosa = livida
                  tremula = pusilla
                  treubii = sandersonii
                  tribracteata = arenaria
                  trichoschiza = stellaris
                  tricrenata = gibba
                  tridentata var. typica
                              "var. Aparados da Serra National Park, Rio
      Grande do Sul, Brazil"
                              "var. El Pinar, Uruguay"
                  trinervia = amethystina
                  triphylla = geminiloba
                  turumiquirensis = amethystina 
  • U
    •  uligenoides = graminifolia
                  uliginoides = graminifolia
                  uliginosa f. typica
                              f. albiflora (white flower)
                              "var. NSW" (robust multi-flowered scapes)
                              "var. Beerwah, Queensland" (striped
  • V
    •  vaga = hydrocarpa
                  velascoensis = amethystina
                  venezuelana = pubescens
                  verapazensis = jamesoniana
                  versicolor = amethystina
                  verticillata = hydrocarpa
                  villosula = benjaminiana
                  violacea f. typica (violet flower)
                              "f. white flower" (Cape le Grande)
                  virgatula = juncea
                  volubilis = inaequalis
                  vulcanica = novae-zelandiae
                  vulgaris ssp. vulgaris f. typica
                              f. biseriata
                              f. brevifolia
                              f. crassicaulis
                              f. fixa
                              f. heterovesicaria
                              f. magniflora
                              f. parviflora
                              f. platypoda
                              f. variegata
                              var. alpestris
                              var. minor
                              var. platiphylla
                              var. rhenana
                              var. robustior
                              ssp. mulans
                  vulgaris ssp. dubia = australis
                  vulgaris var. americana = macrorhiza
                  vulgaris var. formosana = australis
                  vulgaris var. japonica = australis
                  vulgaris var. macrorhiza = macrorhiza
                  vulgaris var. mutata = australis
                  vulgaris var. neglecta = australis
                  vulgaris var. pilosa = aurea
                  vulgaris var. rhenana = australis
                  vulgaris f. tenera = aurea
                  vulgaris var. tenuicaulis = australis
                  vulgaris f. tenuicaulis = australis
                  vulgaris f. tenuis = australis
                  vulgaris f. variegata = Pinguicula vulgaris 
  • W
    •  wallichiana = scandens
                  wallichiana var. firmula = recta
                  wallichiana var. macrolepis = scandens
                  wallichiana var. scandens =  scandens
                  wallichii = scandens
                  warmingiana = warmingii
                  welwitschii var. welwitschii
                              var. pusilla
                  welwitschii var. microcalyx = microcalyx
                  welwitschii var. odontosepala = odontosepala
                  williamsii = amethystina 
  • Y-Z
    •  yakusimensis = uliginosa
                  yakusimensis f. albida = uliginosa 
 Family: Bromeliaceae
Sub-family: Tillansioideae
 Family: Bromeliaceae
 Family: Droseraceae
          corymbosa = muscipula
          muscicapa = muscipula
          muscipula f. typica
                        f. atrorubens
                        f. dentata (called: 'Clone 7' at Collectors
Corner, 'Sharks teeth' at Triffid Park)
                        f. erecta
                        f. filiformis
                        f. linearis
                        f. prostrata
                        f. viridis
                        "f. all green"
                        "f. banded, green petiole"
                        "f. big red"
                        "f. Claytons Red Sunset 96/206"
                        "f. Claytons Volcanic Red 96/207"
                        "f. Dingley All Red"
                        "f. Dingley giant red, green petiole"
                        "f. fine tooth"
                        "f. green mutant"
                        "f. low round"
                        "f. medium red, green petiole"
                        "f. multiplex"
                        "f. red-purple traps"
                        "f. Red Border
                        "f. Royal Red"
                        "f. tall green"
                        "f. tall red, green petiole"
                        "f. toothless"
                        "f. vesutor"
                        "f. vigorous"
                        "f. yellow"
                        cv. 'Akai Ryu' (red dragon) ("all red" x
                        cv. 'Green Dragon' (cv. 'Akai Ryu' x "green
                        cv. 'Red Piranha' (f. dentata x "f. Red")
          sensitiva = muscipula
          sessiliflora = muscipula
          uniflora = muscipula 
 Family: Brassicaceae
 Family: Droseraceae
            vesiculosa f. typica
                  "f. red"