Drosera hyperostigma cultivation

Here is an extract from an email from a succesful grower of D.hyperostigma and a few other hard to grow pygmy drosera

My advice is that a 140mm pot is a minimum size for good performance. The mannii are fine in a 10cm square. I also find that adding dolomite to the mix (if peat:perlite) is necessary for good performance. About 1cc/L if new peat and more like 2cc/L if it's being reused. I'm also adding iron and trace elements to my mix, but the dolomite alone will get you through. I use 50:50 peat:perlite mix, only dose to the peat volume of the mix (ie. 50%) and never keep the pots saturated. They're top-watered in a tray that I only let fill up to about 1cm, and let it dry right out before watering more. I'll write an article for Steve soon, but you need that basic info now. BTW, you can dust the required amount of dolomite per pot onto the surface and water it in. Not necessary for swamp and peat growing species like nitidula and occidentalis.

Drosera hyperstigma
Cultivated Drosera hyperostigma