Pygmy drosera species list

August 2008

Below is a list of all known types of pygmy drosera as of August 2008.Please note there is some debate as to the exact classification of some types.If you are using this page as a guide to identification be aware that size,colour,leaf shape and general appearance of a pygmy drosera plant can vary considerably within a single species and even a single clone.The growing conditions and time of year have a large effect on the appearance of the rosette.Flowers are usually a better means of identification as their look is a lot more consistent.For example take a look at the same D.Allantostigma clone at different times of the year and under different growing conditions

D.Allantostigma Autumn D.Allantostigma Summer D.Allantostigma Summer

Natural Hybrids

Common names for some hybrids

Patens X Occidentalis subsp Occidentalis = X Lake Badgerup

Nitidula X Occidentalis = X Carbarup