Sensational Sulawesi
VCPS Journal (June 2015) Vol 116 pp 6 - 17

In early 2015, Steve Fretwell travelled to Sulawesi, with several other carnivorous plant and orchid enthusiasts, to see Nepenthes growing in the wild. A full account of Steve's trip will appear over the coming issues of the VCPS journal. We've published the photos accompanying Steve's article here. Read Part 1 of his article "Sensational Sulawesi" in Volume 116 of the VCPS Journal.

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Day 1 - Makassar to Rantepao

The first day of our expedition involved a long day travelling north as we had to drive approximately 330km from Makassar the main capital city, to Rantepao in the Tana Toraja region of Sulawesi.